12 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in the World: Cold and Save Electricity

12 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in the World: Cold and Save Electricity

Recommendations for the best Air Conditioner (AC) brands in the world that make sleep soundly and still save electricity. Due to the low wattage feature, it can save money too.

best air conditioner brands

Weather and climate in every country are often arid, especially during the dry season and in big cities, this causes people in the world to feel uncomfortable and tend to want cool indoors.

In addition to using a fan, of course, by using an air conditioner (AC), the feeling of being cool and cold will make you feel better. However, of course we cannot just choose the air conditioner.

If it is not precise and the quality is not good, this tool will only make the electricity consumption in your home more wasteful and less durable in use. So that it requires more expensive costs for maintenance.

Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brand in The World

To find out the best AC products that can be relied on and meet the needs in your home, consider some of the best recommendations below so that the bag is guaranteed not to explode every month:

1. AC Daikin

daikin air conditioner

Daikin is one of the best air conditioner manufacturers in the world with sales markets in more than 140 countries.

For that, the quality and safety of Daikin's AC are no longer questionable.

AC Daikin has many features such as Energy Saving, Quiet Operation, and Comfortable Airflow Control that make air conditioning comfortable and economical.

2. AC Sharp

sharp air conditioner

Get coolness from 99.7% clean air with Plasmacluster Ion technology found in AC Sharp.

This Japanese-made air conditioner is equipped with Low Wattage and Low Voltage Operation technology that provides comfort in homes with limited capacities.

In addition, Low Voltage Operation allows Sharp AC to continue to operate at low and unstable voltages.

3. AC Panasonic

panasonic air conditioner

Panasonic air conditioners have Advance E-ion Purifying System technology, which is able to paralyze 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

So that it can make the indoor air fresher and cooler, and free of germs that cause disease.

Panasonic air conditioners are also equipped with Mild Dry Cooling technology, which can retain moisture up to 10%.

4. AC Gree

gree air conditioner

Gree is the first air conditioner maker in the world to use Triple Protection technology, which is fire resistant, leak-proof and anti-high temperature.

This technology is combined with R32 refrigerant which is a high efficiency and environmentally friendly.

Not only that, AC Gree has a 3 year spare parts warranty and 5 year compressor.

5. AC LG

lg air conditioner

Bring coolness to your family by using LG AC.

Find various innovative features on LG air conditioners such as Energy Efficiency Rating which can measure the amount of energy required under certain conditions.

The air conditioner made by this South Korean company can also prevent dust and germs from disturbing it and save energy.

6. AC Samsung

samsung air conditioner

Samsung air conditioners are specially designed according to the needs of people in the world, namely AC that cools quickly and evenly but is also more efficient and durable.

Samsung air conditioners are equipped with Triple Protector technology that can prevent compressors and controllers from overloading electricity.

This brand has won widespread trust as one of the best and favorite manufacturers of quality electronic equipment.


aux air conditioner

Enjoy quality sleep with the Deep Sleep System technology from AC AUX which can make room, temperature controlled and can help you fall asleep more soundly.

AC Aux is also equipped with 3-in-1 filters, namely Vitamin C, Silver Ion and Anti-formaldehyde, which are very efficient in killing bacteria up to 93.8 percent!

So, in addition to making the room cool and providing comfort, this air conditioner also supports health thanks to its effective features for killing germs.

8. AC Changhong

changhong air conditioner

AC Changhong presents a new technology to cool your room, namely Turbo Jet Cool technology, which can cool the room faster.

Changhong AC is also equipped with a Double Gold Fin layer on the condenser which can make the AC rust-free and leak-free so it lasts longer.

One of the advantages of Changhong air conditioner is of course the price, which is more affordable and pocket-friendly.

9. AC Haier

haier air conditioner

Haier is devoted to providing the best comfort to its users with the latest technology.

This household electronics manufacturer provides each product with air conditioning that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Haier Air Conditioner is the first to introduce a 10 year free repair contract so buyers don't have to worry if the AC breaks.

10. AC Mitsubishi

mitsubishi air conditioner

Even though it is better known as an automotive manufacturer, Mitsubishi also produces electronic equipment, you know, one of which is air conditioning, aka AC.

This Japanese company that was founded in 1970 presents several types of the best quality air conditioners for bedrooms.

Mitsubishi-made air conditioners are designed to make the use of electrical power at home as economical as possible, but still keep it cool.

11. AC Denpoo

denpoo air conditioner

One of the best AC brands made in Indonesia is from Denpoo. This company, which turned out to be originally from Indonesia, has been around since 1990 and is headquartered in Pluit, North Jakarta.

The air conditioner made by Denpoo certainly has reliable quality and is equipped with modern features.

Such as super cool and powerful mode, active filter for maximum filtering of dirty air, to the ionizer.

12. AC Midea

midea air conditioner

One more best AC brand that can be the right choice for you at home, namely Midea. This company produces a lot of electronic equipment and has been established since 1968 in Guangdong, China.

AC Midea is offered with a variety of models and is equipped with the latest features.

Such as intelligent, cool for adjusting to the weather, flash cooling for faster cooling, to silky cool.

This air conditioner ensures that the air in the room is clean, fresh and healthy.

That is the line of the best AC brands that save electricity and are durable that you can choose according to your needs and desires.

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