12 Best Coffee Machine Brands Favorite Many People

12 Best Coffee Machine Brands Favorite Many People

Choosing the best coffee machine brand is sometimes not easy. Various types, functions, and prices are always the benchmark for many people when buying the best version of the coffee maker.

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Pay attention to this when buying the best coffee machine brands

The best coffee machine brands are always sought after by many people, especially for those who are fond of or want to open a coffee milk business.

However, to get the best brand, especially in terms of function and price, it takes special skills so you don't get disappointed in the future.

Then, what are the tips for choosing the best coffee machine brand? Summarized by Todayselection.com from many sources, here is the complete explanation.

  • Adjust type

When buying an item, surely the first thing to do is look at the type or type, right? Well, the same goes for buying a coffee machine.

By implementing this, at least you can first consider which type suits your needs.

Generally, there are four types that are most often chosen by consumers, namely the drip type, coffee pod type, espresso machine type, and siphon type.

  • Check tank capacity and estimate daily consumption

In addition to adjusting to the type, before buying a coffee machine, you should first check the capacity of the tank. So that it can be placed right in one corner in the kitchen.

In addition, you also have to estimate daily consumption by calculating the number of family members or customers who usually come to your cafe.

  • Check the completeness of its features

Finally, when you are going to buy the best coffee machine brand, you also have to double check all the features that are embedded in the tool.

Not only that, you also have to check the inside of the coffee maker, is it easy to clean it or not.

Because coffee machines that are easy to clean will usually be easy to operate.

12 Best Coffee Machine Brands

If you have applied these three things, now is the time for you to look for the best coffee machine brand for your version based on the recommendation from Today Selection. Get ready to be "poisoned" yes!

1. DeLonghi - Combi BCO 264.1

delonghi combi bco 264 1

The quality of this best coffee machine brand doesn't need to be doubted.

Having been in the business since 1902, DeLonghi, which is a manufacturing company based in Italy, has launched various types of coffee machines worldwide, one of which is the Combi BCO 264.1.

The series is equipped with two combined machines, namely an espresso pump and a drip coffee maker.

It doesn't stop there, even DeLonghi also makes this product even more superior, because it can be programmed automatically to keep running, especially in the morning.

Just set the time, you can immediately get a cup of hot coffee to accompany your activities.

Price Range: -

2. Hario - V60

hario v60

The following best coffee machine brands are often hailed as DeLonghi's "strongest opponent".

This special coffee maker machine is indeed very suitable for those of you who are lazy to brew manually, because the grind level can be adjusted by yourself even up to level 50.

In order to maintain consistency and minimize heat transfer into the coffee, this electric coffee grinder is also specially designed to use a conical burr material from stainless steel.

The ON, OFF, and AUTO operation buttons will make it easier for you as a user to use this grinder even though the price is quite expensive.

Price Range: -

3. Krups - XP 5620

krups xp 5620

The next best coffee machine brand is of course Krups.

This specialized kitchen appliance manufacturer based in Germany comes with a wide selection of quality coffee machines, one of which is the XP 5620 series.

This series is designed stylishly suitable for business people who want to be in the coffee milk business.

Available in two colors, silver and gray. This series is also equipped with an auto tamping system to produce coffee blends that tend to be consistent.

Price Range: -

4. Stigmatic Coffee Maker - 100 SS

stigmatic coffee maker 100 ss

No less superior to Krups, the fourth best coffee machine brand is the Sigmatic 100 SS series.

This series can be used to make all kinds of coffee, from espresso to latte.

Equipped with a 15 bar pressure pump, the Sigmatic 100 SS series is capable of producing ten cups of coffee in 10 minutes with the aroma, taste and quality that has not changed at all.

Not only that, this well-known brand has also equipped its products with overheating protection, making it much safer.
The detachable water tank, of course, allows users to clean this tool easily.

Price Range: -

5. Jen Espresso Coffee Maker

jen espresso coffee maker

Espresso coffee lovers must be familiar with the brand of the best coffee machine on this one. Especially if it's not the Jen Espresso Coffee Maker.

With a 1.7 liter tank capacity, this tool can serve 10 cups of coffee in one batch.

Using a 3 in 1 semi-automatic model (espresso, cappuccino, latte).

Jen Espressco Coffee Maker is also equipped with an LCD display, an automatic timer, as well as a heating system technology that uses a 15 bar pressure Italian pump.

Price Range: -

6. Nescafe - Dolce Gusto Genio 2 (Red)

nescafe dolce gusto genio 2 red

Apart from producing coffee drinks, this brand has also released some of the best coffee maker products, one of which is Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Red Edition.

This series has a very classic design, but still looks elegant. Its slim body can be placed in any corner of your home kitchen.

With an energy absorption capacity of only 1500W, this coffee machine is equipped with an Eco mode system which is certainly energy efficient.

The thermo block system, which is also embedded in the Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Red Edition, makes it able to serve coffee drinks cold or hot in just 30 seconds.

Price Range: -

7. Bialleti Dama Espresso Maker 6 Cups

bialleti dama espresso maker 6 cups

Switching from pricey products, the next best coffee machine brand with a price of under 1 million is Bialleti Dama.

This famous Italian brand has a very aesthetic shape, and is different from the coffee machine brands that have been previously discussed.

Don't ask about the taste, it produces!

Due to the quality of this superior product from Bialleti Dama, it is able to serve a cup of coffee with an aroma and texture that is of course intriguing.

Made from aluminum pots, this espresso maker that can be used to produce 6 cups of espresso coffee in one go, has 8 sides with the maximum spread of heat.

So, coffee can be brewed quickly, in just a matter of minutes.

Price Range: -

8. Electrolux - ECM 3505

electrolux ecm 3505

Apart from selling home and kitchen care products such as ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines. This brand also has at least two coffee makers products, one of which is the ECM 3505.

This series has been the most reviewed by various well-known blogs and marketplaces in United States.

Not only is the price cheaper, the Electrolux ECM 3505 also excels in terms of appearance and features.

Its sleek and elegant design is perfect for beautifying a modern-style kitchen.

With a fairly large capacity of 1.5 liters, beginner coffee connoisseurs can serve up to more than 6 cups of this authentic flavored coffee in one go.

Price Range: -

9.Edoolffe - MD 235

edoolffe md 235

By using this coffee machine, you can serve two espresso shots simultaneously.

The body is also very compact so it is easy to place it in various corners of your kitchen.

Made from ABS plastic, Edoolffe, which comes with a striking red appearance, is still very safe to wear, because the material is resilient and heat resistant.

Price Range: -

10.Cosmos Coffee Maker - CCM 308

cosmos coffee maker ccm 308

The next best coffee machine brand is Cosmos Coffee Maker - CCM 308.

Even though the capacity is only 0.65 liters, who would have thought that this product could produce 6 cups of coffee in one go.

Equipped with an automatic heater, the coffee that is made will be kept warm.

Using a machine made from food grade materials, this tool is sure to be safe to use.

Price Range: -

11. Black & Decker - DCM 600 B1

black decker dcm 600 b1

Black & Decker is one of the best coffee machine brands whose prices are still very pocket friendly.

Having a large enough capacity, you can serve eight cups of coffee at once in just one time.

This product is also easy to clean, and is equipped with a water level indicator and a permanent filter filter.

Price Range: -

12. La Marzocco

la marzocco

The last of the best coffee machine brands with affordable prices and quality is La Marzocco. This coffee maker is often used by various coffee shop businesses.

Apart from being economical, this tool also has a super simple design and is easy to clean.

Not only available in large sizes, La Marzocco also complements its product with a mini version that can be used for home use only.

Both are also equipped with excellent features.

Starting from the temper of the coffee compactor, the pitcher for the steam milk measure, to the very large place to put coffee cups.

Price Range: -

Come on, start a coffee business

So a reliable coffee maker is certainly a matter of pride for those who enjoy this drink. How about you?

If you also like coffee and always subscribe to using one of the best coffee machine brands above, maybe it's time to start a coffee milk business.

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