10 Best TV Signal Amplifier Recommendations

10 Best TV Signal Amplifier Recommendations

The TV signal booster is useful for amplifying weak radio waves. This product is recommended for those of you who want to enjoy a clear picture on a TV screen. However, choosing a good product is not only a matter of broadcast frequencies, such as UHF, VHF, or digital terrestrial. Paying attention to the specifications is also important.

Therefore, we will explain how to choose the best TV signal amplifier for you. The product is also known as a TV booster or amplifier. We have prepared product recommendations and reviews. There are products from the Toyosaki, Tanaka, and other brands. For LED, LCD, plasma or tube TV? Everything is there. Come on, start!

TV signal booster, improve radio wave reception status


Those of you who live in an area at the foot of a mountain or surrounded by buildings may have difficulty receiving radio waves. As a result, your TV produces a low quality picture. For those of you who experience this, we recommend using a TV signal booster. The product is a machine that functions to amplify the TV signal. This machine will help you to expand the radio wave reception area.

Even if you receive a low quality picture due to the weak radio waves, a TV signal booster can amplify it. As a result, you will enjoy a clearer picture. You can even use the product to stabilize the status of radio wave reception to every TV in the house.

Whatever the reason for the poor picture quality on your TV, a TV signal booster can help solve it. With this machine, you can watch TV broadcasts more comfortably every day.

How to choose a TV signal amplifier

The average TV signal amplifier is installed in a similar way. What distinguishes it is the installation area and its specifications. Come on, understand the points one by one so that you get the best product.

Select the type based on the signal reception status in your neighborhood

TV signal amplifiers are divided into indoor and outdoor types. In the following, we will describe the use of each type. Choose the one according to the TV signal conditions in your home environment.

Outdoor, for environments that have difficulty receiving TV signals


Do you live in an environment with weak radio waves or can barely see the image shown on the TV? We recommend an outdoor type TV signal amplifier. As the name implies, this type is installed outside the house. After this device is installed, radio waves can be amplified and transmitted stably into the house.

However, it is necessary to install on the roof of the house if your antenna is installed in that area. Installing a TV signal booster on your own is easy. However, we recommend that you use a specialist for installation in difficult areas.

Indoor, improve splitter performance and stabilize the image


If you want to slightly increase the sensitivity of the TV signal reception, the indoor type is more ideal. This type can also stabilize several TV signals at once using a splitter. The performance is below the outdoor type, but this type can be applied indoors.

With easy application, your TV screen can display a clearer image. The indoor type is suitable for residents of apartments or other dwellings that cannot be fitted with an external antenna. Consider this type if the TV broadcast picture you receive is interrupted occasionally.

Know the specifications of the TV signal amplifier of your choice

When choosing a TV signal amplifier, it is important that you understand the various technical terms first. We will detail some of the important features for you. Know the specifications of each so you can enjoy a clear picture on the TV screen.

Noise figure: Suppress the noise level


The noise figure (NF) number indicates how much noise the TV signal receives through the antenna. The smaller the number, the better the product's performance. Therefore, choose products with the lowest possible NF to avoid noise effects.

A low NF TV signal booster can suppress ambient noise levels. So, the product is able to transmit a better signal quality to your TV.

Gain: A range of waves that can be amplified


The Gain is a number that shows how much radio wave reception can be amplified. The larger the number, the greater the amplification effect produced. Choose a product with a high gain, especially for areas with poor reception environments.

If the gain is negative, the signal will not be able to be amplified. Conversely, a positive and a high gain number can improve the image quality on the TV screen. TV signal, amplifiers generally have a gain range of 27-33 dB for each frequency. Products with higher gain can produce better image quality.

Output: Limit the signal to get a stable image


In order to receive high-quality radio waves, choose a product with a high output rate. The output number represents the maximum limit of the signal that can be transmitted stably. When the signal is within the output range, the image will be sent stably. Conversely, signals over the output range can find it difficult to produce good quality images, and may even fail to be transmitted.

This output figure can be the cause of the failure of signal reception by the TV. So, it's a good idea to choose a product with a higher output number.

Input: Can be adjusted as needed


If the input level of the TV is too low or high, it will make you less comfortable enjoying TV broadcasts. So make sure the product has a feature that allows you to set the input level yourself. Products with adjustable gain and input can of course be adjusted according to their output numbers.

Depending on the product, the settings you can make are different. As a guide, you can set the number between zero and twenty. This figure is suitable for most environmental conditions.

Check its compatibility with the TV signal you want to get


If you want to watch high resolution images, check whether the product supports it or not. Nowadays, digital video broadcasting (DVB) television broadcasts can be enjoyed. There is nothing wrong with you considering products that are compatible with these broadcast frequencies.

If you are using a cable TV (CATV) service, you need to use a special product. Please note, although the TV signal amplifier supports terrestrial digital broadcasting, the product is not compatible with cable TV networks.

Consider a TV signal amplifier from a trusted brand in their field


If you want to buy a product based on the manufacturer that makes it, choose one that is engaged in TV peripherals. Its products are already in great demand in Indonesian e-commerce. You can buy products from Toyosaki, Tanaka, Falcom and others. Generally, each manufacturer has provided various models of TV signal amplifiers.

In addition, you can choose products from Televes. This brand is well known internationally through its products related to TV signals. Televes is a brand from Spain that produces TV signal, amplifiers, antennas, and satellite dishes.

10 Best TV Signal Amplifier Recommendations (Newest in 2021)

PF Antenna | VHF / UHF TV Antenna Booster


The gain can be adjusted according to the desired frequency

Depending on the frequency level, this product generates an NF of between 0.8-22 dB. Take it easy, you can adjust the gain of this product to get a clearer image on the TV screen. This product comes with a guide for setting the best gain for each frequency you want to amplify.

Choose this product if you need flexibility in gain settings. The frequency you want to get can be clearer. For information, this TV signal amplifier has an input level of 36–106 dBμV. In addition, the gain settings you can do range from 0 dB to – 25 dB.

JMA | CATV Signal Amplifier


TV signal booster as well as splitter for more output

Is your cable TV signal frequently interrupted? Use this product to improve its quality. This product is a CATV signal booster. However, you can still use it even if you don't subscribe to cable TV. This product can amplify terrestrial digital broadcast frequencies.

This TV signal amplifier is also a splitter so that it can be used for two TVs at the same time. For information, JMA provides a three- output CATV Signal Amplifier model with similar specifications. So, you can choose a model with the number of outputs that suit your needs, but with the same performance.

Toyosaki | Indoor TV Antenna


Indoor antenna that is equipped with a TV signal amplifier

We recommend this product for those of you who have just moved to a residence where an external antenna cannot be attached. This product is an antenna that is equipped with a TV signal amplifier. So, you no longer need to buy an indoor TV antenna. In addition, you can adjust the gain of this product by simply turning the knob on the front.

This product can amplify various broadcast frequencies. Not only UHF, VHF, and DVB, this product also amplifies FM radio waves. Please note, this product is more suitable for applications in areas not far from TV broadcasting stations.

Televes | Line Broadband Multiband Amplifier


Able to clear TV broadcasts in the building

If you are looking for a TV signal amplifier in a limited frequency, consider this product. This Televes product is specially designed as an amplifier for the MATV signal distribution system. These frequencies are used for TV broadcasts in office buildings or hotels.

You also need to take the product specifications into account. Although it is large enough for a TV signal amplifier, the NF number of this product is suppressed to 10 dB. In addition, this product has excellent resistance to a wide range of temperature levels. This product is able to maintain its performance at temperatures of -5 ° Celsius to 45 ° Celsius. Plus, this product has great gain and output.

Aoki | Indoor and Outdoor TV Antenna


Can be applied indoors or outdoors!

Looking for a signal booster for your Set Top Box? This product can be the solution. This product is even specially designed to amplify STB signal reception. However, this product can still capture analog broadcasts. Installed anywhere is no problem as this product is compatible with both indoor and outdoor applications.

Don't hesitate to choose this product if you need a product with flexible placement. You don't need to get confused with outdoor applications because this product is UV resistant. In addition, this product uses the IPX4 design so that it is waterproof. As an external antenna, this product can be applied like a TV antenna in general.

Tanaka | VHF / UHF Color TV Booster


Strengthening a weak wave with a big gain

You can hardly enjoy TV at home at all? Consider using this product immediately. As per the model, this product has a gain of up to 68 dB! You can also enjoy TV broadcasts after installing this product near your antenna.

This product is suitable for application in areas with weak radio waves. With a high gain rate, you can get a very clear picture on the TV screen. In addition, this product can amplify both analog and digital broadcast frequencies. As a result, you can watch your favorite channels based on the broadcast frequency which is better amplified.

Televes | IEC Domestic Amplifier


Minimalist tv signal booster with very small NF

With its minimalist design, this TV signal amplifier looks different from the others. The product is designed to be as simple as possible without reducing performance. This Televes product has a stable NF of only 6 dB! Provided that they are installed in the right place, this product will not cause much interference.

This product is suitable for those of you who want to maintain a minimalist look in the house. In fact, this product camouflages well against the white walls of the house. However, it should be noted that this product is only designed to amplify a DVB signal. If you only want to find digital broadcasts, that is certainly not a problem.

Toyosaki | TV Antenna Booster


Affordable TV signal booster with powerful performance

As an affordable TV signal amplifier, this product has a variety of features. Toyosaki TV Antenna Booster is compatible with various types of TV. Whether for tube, plasma, LCD or LED TV, they are all suitable. The performance is also qualified with a gain specification of 46 dB and an output of 118 dBμV. In addition, this product can amplify digital terrestrial frequencies.

Don't miss this product if you are looking for a TV signal amplifier that is relatively affordable but high performance. Installing it does take a little effort. You need to cut the antenna wire just right. However, because this product has a lot of interest, you can find installation tutorial videos on the internet.

Usat | CATV Signal Amplifier


Flexible even though it's designed for CATV

This product is perfect for long term use. Although it functions to amplify CATV signals, this product is capable of amplifying UHF and DVB broadcast frequencies. So, if at any time you no longer subscribe to cable TV, the product can still be used. This product will also be useful for those of you who frequently change places of residence.

Applied at the boarding house? This product is also suitable! The reason is, this TV signal amplifier has four output holes. So, more and more TVs will get a clear picture. For information, this product includes five RF connectors. So, you only need to provide the antenna cable.

Falcom | CATV Subscriber Amplifier


The features are varied, but easy to understand

The FSA-S300 has special specifications with complete features. You can adjust the gain and input of this product to match the output. For information, this product has a level input, ideal 77 dBμV. Produk ini juga diberi jarak pengaturan dengan rentang -20 dB hingga 0 dB. NF-nya pun terhitung rendah yaitu 12 dB.

The completeness of the information on the instruction sheet should be considered. This section describes how to solve problems this product may experience. Choose this product if you are not familiar with troubleshooting. The instruction sheet will help you understand how to improve the performance of this product. You can also solve various problems that may occur.

How to install a TV signal amplifier


In order to maximize the performance of a TV signal amplifier, it is important that you pay attention to its installation area. The point is to apply the product in an area with a stable input level.

For outdoor type products, try to install it under the antenna. Better yet, if the product is not easily exposed to wind or rain water.

Indoor type is not much different. Try to mount the product as close to the antenna as possible. Also keep the product away from equipment that makes noise. Keep in mind, the performance of a TV signal amplifier will be greatly influenced by the installation area.


Have you found a TV signal amplifier that fits your needs? You can select the product based on the condition of the TV signal in your home. Next, pick the one with the performance features you're looking for.

Keep in mind, due to environmental factors, product performance can vary for each user. To be sure, place the TV signal amplifier in the ideal area so that you get the best performance. As a result, you can enjoy TV broadcasts with a clearer picture!

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