20 Mandatory Home Appliances, Standards for Ideal Shelter

mandatory home appliances

List of household appliances that must be in each room, ideal housing requirements for a new house.

Of course, there is a lot that must be prepared and encouraged for newly married couples to be ready to undergo a household ark. One of the most important is certainly a matter of place to live.

For those who have just become a married couple, having a new home is definitely quite a headache. Especially when looking for what items must be fulfilled and they are fundamental in every dwelling.

If the obligatory household appliances are not fulfilled, daily activities can become obstructed and even comfort will be disturbed.

List of Household Appliances

Small obstacles and disturbances in life with a partner, it is not impossible that they can become unexpected problems in the future. So as much as possible, it must be prevented before it happens.

1. Beds, Mattresses and Sheets - Bedrooms

household appiliances beds mattresses and sheets bedrooms

One of the most important places in the home is the bedroom, because this is where we rest to start over tomorrow. For a comfortable rest, choose a quality bed that is durable and sturdy.

2. Pillows and Bolsters - Bedroom

Comfortable mattresses and sheets are not enough. Complete sleeping equipment with pillows and bolsters that make you sleep better after a tiring day of activities.

3. Wardrobe - Bedroom

The wardrobe in the bedroom will make it easier for us when we get dressed. Because this room is the most private compared to any room, of course.

4. Chairs and Work Desks - Bedrooms

For hard workers, it is difficult to leave an unfinished job in the office. For that, there must be a desk and chair for work so that they are ready whenever needed, and with minimal distraction.

5. Sofa bed - Living Room

The family room is a favorite when relaxing at home. To make it even more comfortable, complete it with your dream sofa that is ready to accompany you in your spare time.

6. Television - Family Room

Television is still one of the mainstays of entertainment for people in the country. Moreover, coupled with the existence of cable TV which provides entertainment that provides a wide selection of events.

7. TV Table - Living Room

Modern televisions may be easy to hang on the wall. However, the TV table has its own impression that can add to the aesthetics of the room and function as a storage for items.

8. Chairs and Sofas - Living Room

Any guest who comes will be warmly welcomed by the soft chairs and sofas. Talking about it became more serene and familiar.

9. Coffee Table - Living Room

As a complement to the living room, also complete a coffee table to serve thirst-quenching drinks.

10. Cookware - Kitchen

home appliances cookware kitchen

Cooking utensils such as pans, pans and spatulas are mandatory "fighting tools" in the kitchen. That way, cooking activities become smooth and maximal.

11. Chairs and Dining Table - Dining Room

Creating a special dining table room will make eating calmer and more comfortable. Apart from that, it also prevents food debris from falling to another place. It doesn't need to be big, just provide a little spot to place it.

12. Cutlery - Dining Room

Without the need for explanation, tableware at home must also be fulfilled. Such as spoons, forks, plates, bowls to glasses. For drinking, it would be better if you have a dispenser.

13. Washing Machine - Laundry

home appliances washing machine laundry

If couples work together from morning to night, washing will be neglected, especially if it is done manually. For that, the washing machine can be a mainstay.

14. Iron - Laundry

To ensure a neat look on the outside, all clothes need to be ironed properly. In addition to the iron itself, also equip a decent chair and table so you don't get sore.

15. Towel Hangers - Bathroom

When entering the bathroom and getting ready to clean the body. It will be difficult if there are no tools for hanging towels. Although trivial, it will be very useful.

16. Dipper and Bucket - Bathroom

Maybe in a modern bathroom there is already a shower to make bathing more efficient and water efficient. But, scoops and buckets are always a savior for things that are less predictable, such as when cleaning the bathroom for example or rinsing dirt.

17. Toilet Shelf - Bathroom

Toilet racks are needed so that we can easily store toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other toiletries. That way, it will be more organized and tidy.

18. Stove - Kitchen

home appliances stove kitchen

The stove is the most important cooking utensil that should be available in every home. With this, we can enjoy delicious and delicious homemade dishes.

19. Rice Cooker - Kitchen

Imagine, what happens if the house is without a rice cooker? Cooking rice would be more troublesome and cumbersome to process. With this tool, cook rice faster and more delicious.

20. Refrigerator - Kitchen

Without a refrigerator, groceries and supplies will spoil quickly. This can be a significant loss and even a waste of money.


With the fulfillment of the essential furniture above, activities in the household appliances will be maximized without significant obstacles. Comfort and harmony are also maintained.