19 Types of Electronic Items that Make Your Activities at Home Easy

19 Types of Electronic Items that Make Your Activities at Home Easy

The existence of electronic products at home really helps us in doing every job. Electronic items ranging from the smallest things like lamps to refrigerators have their respective functions. Today, many electronic equipment can be purchased at affordable prices.

Not infrequently, sellers offer discounted prices ranging from discounts to credit installments so that people want to buy electronic equipment. In order to be wiser in shopping, it would be nice for you to know the types of electronic equipment that are often used at home and their functions.

Types of Electronic Equipment Frequently Used

household electronic toaster

1. Television

It cannot be denied that television (TV) is the most favorite telecommunication medium for individuals and families at home. Television can also be easily found in other places such as schools, campuses, offices to public transportation modes such as buses, ships, trains and planes. Now, television is no longer a luxury because there are many brands that can be purchased at affordable prices.

household electronic television

There are various kinds of televisions that you can buy, namely tube TV, also known as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), plasma TV consisting of 2 pieces of glass which is a mixture of gases between 2 layers, LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display), LED TV (Light Emitting Diodes), and OLED TV (Organic Light-Emitting Diode). The most interesting part of television is the number of channels that you can choose according to your taste. Especially if you subscribe to cable television where you can enjoy broadcast channels exclusively.

2. Radio

household electronic radio

Making use of modulation and electromagnetic waves, radio has a very long history. Initially used for maritime purposes to send telegraph messages using Morse code. Subsequently, radio began to be used for commercial purposes in the 1920s.
Mostly, people listen to radio through FM (frequency modulation) broadcasts because it has a better sound than AM (amplitude modulation) channels.

3. Fan

household electronic fan

The fan is very necessary in the house because it is useful for freshening the air. In addition, fans can also be used to blow air to make it cooler and help air circulation. There are various types of fans on the market ranging from table fans to hanging fans.

4. Speakers

household electronic speakers

Speakers that function to produce sound can be connected with the help of cables or wirelessly to other electronic devices such as televisions or computers. Even though other electronic products have embedded speakers, often people still need speakers to produce a stronger sound.

5. Microwave / Oven

household electronic microwave

Microwave and oven are two different products but people often have a hard time telling the difference. The main difference lies in its main function, the oven is to bake or burn food while the microwave is to heat food. Ovens require more electrical energy because they take longer to heat food than microwaves.

6. Rice Cooker / Magic Jar / Magic COM

household electronic rice cooker

Electronic products that both functions to prepare rice for food are rice cookers, magic jars, and magic coms. Even though they are almost similar, the three of them have differences. Rice cooker is useful for cooking rice while magic jar is useful for heating rice. While magic com is able to perform 2 functions at once, namely cooking and heating rice.

7. Machine Wash

household electronic machine wash

Washing clothes and fabrics is now lighter with the help of an easy-to-use washing machine. With a washing machine, you can wash clothes while doing other work. There are 3 types of washing machines, namely 2 tube washing machines, 1 top loading tube washing machines, and front loading washing machines. With a 1 tube washing machine, you can wash and dry clothes in the same tube.

8. Water Dispenser

household electronic dispenser

This electronic product is useful for heating and cooling drinking water. In the dispenser there is a heater which is the main component of heating water. In addition, there is also a dispenser that has been equipped with a device to cool water called a refrigeration compressor. At the top of the dispenser is a place to hold gallons of water.

9. Refrigerator

household electronic refrigerator

Often referred to as refrigerator, refrigerator or freezer is one of the most essential electronic products. Refrigerators equipped with refrigeration are useful for storing food ingredients to make them more durable. There are various types of refrigerators, namely top freezers, bottom freezers, side by side, french doors, built-in cabinet-sized, and refrigerated drawers.

10. Blender / Juicer

household electronic juicer

Blender and juicer both work to smooth fruit or vegetables. Even though they are almost similar, the two have differences. The blender is able to produce juice quickly and is denser because the pulp from vegetables or fruit is crushed with the rotating knife blade. Whereas the juicer uses a wringer with a crushing screw which is able to extract the fruit or vegetable juice and separate the pulp.

11. Vacuum Cleaner

household electronic vacuum cleaner

Functioning to clean the house practically, a vacuum cleaner that is able to suck dust and dirt on the floor has many variations. Some of them are upright vacuum cleaners, canister vacuum cleaners, wet / dry vacuum cleaners, and others.

12. Phone / Smartphone

household electronic smartphone

This phone serves to converse with other people who are far away. In addition, landlines can now also connect to the internet network. But over time, many people prefer to use smartphones that are more practical and can be carried everywhere.

13. Computer / Laptop

household electronic laptops

Personal computers or also known as PC (personal computers) in English are very helpful in work matters. Every PC has different hardware specifications. Apart from PCs, there are also laptops or tablets that are practical and easy to carry anywhere. There are even some people who have several of these devices at once. In addition to work, both PCs and laptops can be used as a means of entertainment because of their ability to play videos and music.

14. CD / DVD / MP3 Player

household electronic mp3 player

For those who don't have a PC or laptop, a CD / DVD / MP3 player is a great choice. A CD / MP3 player is used for playing music while a DVD player can be used for watching videos or movies.

15. Hair Dryer

household electronic hair dryer

Hair dryers are commonly used by women to dry wet hair. There are several types of hair dryers, namely wattage hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, ionic tourmaline hair dryers, and titanium hair dryers that have their respective functions.

16. Flashlight

household electronic flashlight

Useful for lighting up a room or certain object, a flashlight is very useful, especially in times of emergency such as a power failure, for example. A portable flashlight is equipped with an incandescent bulb like an LED whose power comes from a battery or an electric switch. Even though it's only used at certain times, it's a good idea to prepare a flashlight in your closet.

17. Lights

household electronic lights

The lights are very important electronic products because they are useful for lighting both the inside and outside of the house. There are various types of lamps that are often used, such as LED lights, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. In addition, there are also lamps that are differentiated according to their placement, namely table lamps which are used for work or study.

18. Coffee Maker

household electronic coffee maker

Coffee machines are only owned by certain people, especially those who like to drink coffee. Don't imagine that you are drinking coffee sachets that are sold in retail at the grocery store. The coffee maker is a coffee maker that uses real coffee beans so that the taste quality is clearly more guaranteed.

19. Air Conditioner (AC)

household electronic air conditioner

Air conditioning, also known as an air conditioner (AC), has become a major necessity for some urban residents. The air conditioner is equipped with a machine that functions to stabilize the temperature and humidity of the air in the room. Not only that, the air conditioner also has a filter that can filter dust and dirt in the air so that the room becomes cleaner and healthier.

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