15 Must Have Household Appliances in New Homes

For new couples, determining which household appliances to buy for the new home can be confusing. Take a peek at the following recommendations.

List of Household Appliances

One of the dreams of a newly married couple is to have a new home. Even though the dream house is already owned, there is still another homework for new couples, namely completing the contents of the residence.

A new home definitely requires a lot of household appliances or furniture to support the function and comfort of the house. However, for new couples determining which household appliances to buy can be confusing and troublesome. Moreover, you also have to be smart in managing the budget and priority scale regarding the equipment that must be purchased.

Online shops also offer a variety of discounts and forms of goods that tempt the eye, but you have to adjust it according to your pocket. How do I prepare it? Take a look at the following list of 15 must-have household items in your new home to help you choose the one you need the most.

The Living Room

The living room is the front area that guests or visitors will see for the first time. We recommend that you provide furniture that can support you to welcome and entertain relatives in the living room. Here is the equipment or furniture that must be in the living room.

1. Tables and Chairs

To respect the guests who come to visit your house, you should provide a table and chairs to receive guests. You can provide a simple table and chairs as a place to sit and chat with guests.

Family Room

The family room is an area where family members spend a lot of time together, such as watching television, chatting and chatting, or just sitting back. To create a comfortable and a pleasant family room, here are the must-have equipment.

2. Television

Television can be a means of entertainment for you at home, especially after a long day of work. Watching your favorite television shows on the weekends can help improve family togetherness.

3. Carpet

Reporting from The Spruce, the use of carpets will provide a place to rest for the body and energy at home. According to Feng Shui, energy moves quickly over a hard surface and slower on a soft surface. The fast flowing energy can create a feeling of anxiety, so without something slowing down the flow of energy, the room can feel a bit chaotic. Meanwhile, the carpet brings out a sense of serenity by slowing down energy. So, you can use a carpet instead of a sofa in the living room.

4. Fan

We live in a tropical country with hot weather during the dry season, so the fan is one of the mandatory appliances at home. A fan will help circulate the cool air in the house and get rid of the heat.


household appiliances bedroom

Comfort in the bedroom is number one because this room serves as a place to rest. Enough and quality sleep will help you feel refreshed after a tired day of work. To support this function, the following equipment must be in the bedroom.

5. Mattress

A comfortable mattress will help you sleep better quality. Reporting from the National Sleep Foundation, research shows that quality sleep and relationships with partners can improve a person's quality of life.

6. Sheets, Pillows, and Bolsters

To cover the mattress, you need sheets and to complete your bedding, there are pillows and bolsters that are mandatory for the bed. All of these sleeping equipment will help make your sleep more comfortably, sound and quality.

7. Wardrobe

We recommend that you choose a large wardrobe so that it can accommodate all of your clothes and your family. Apart from clothes, a wardrobe is also needed to store important documents and valuables.


household appiliances kitchen

Many activities at home such as cooking, eating and drinking take place in the kitchen. Delicious dishes from your kitchen will create a harmonious relationship between family members. However, without adequate kitchen equipment, you may be hampered from serving delicious and healthy meals for your family. Here are some essential equipment that must fill your kitchen.

8. Stove

There are various types of stoves that can be tailored to the needs and design of your kitchen, from gas stoves, electric stoves, induction hobs, to portable stoves. If you often cook for your family, you can use a gas stove that has more than two stoves.

9. Rice Cooker Tool

Next thing you need to have in your kitchen is a multifunctional rice cooker that can be used for both cooking and heating the rice. Not only that, the all-round rice cooker can also be used to cook cakes and porridge.

10. Fryers, Pans, Knives and Other Cookware

Other cooking equipment should also not be missed, such as frying, pan, oven, a microwave, a knife, and so on. Choose cooking utensils that are most essential and need to be used immediately.

11. Plates, Spoons, Glasses, and Other Tableware

To serve a meal so that the whole family can eat it, of course you need cutlery. Choose plates, spoons, forks, glasses and bowls with attractive designs and colors to make your family meal more enjoyable.

12. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is needed in the kitchen to store foodstuffs so that they stay fresh and do not rot quickly. Choose a refrigerator that has a flexible shelf arrangement so you can adjust the contents of the refrigerator as desired.

House Tips💡
Owning household appliances are an ongoing process. You don't have to have all of them at one time, but you can buy them in installments, one by one so as not to burden you and your family.


The following is equipment that must be in the bathroom or a place to clean the body.

13. Bathing Equipment

Of course, toiletries are needed to help clean the body, such as soap, soap dish, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, towels, and so on. In addition, you also need to provide bathroom cleaning tools such as brushes and floor cleaning fluids.


household appiliances loundry

14. Machine Wash

Currently washing machines are equipped with various features that will make washing easier and more practical. Choose the capacity and features of the washing machine that suits you and your family's needs.

15. Iron

After the clothes have been washed and dried, the next step is to iron the clothes so they are neat and not wrinkled, so you need an iron. According to Apartment Therapy, find out in advance whether you need a dry iron or a steam iron. Steam irons can be used as dry irons, but not vice versa.