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Scandinavian Style Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. No matter how big the size, this area will always be the smallest when compared to other rooms

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The modern minimalist bathroom design concept requires a special touch of expertise to really balance appearance and function.
The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. No matter how big the size, this area will always be the smallest when compared to other rooms.

Achieving a balance between form and function can be quite difficult when designing a bathroom. The abundance of items and toiletries, making this room must be designed with great care.

The bathroom should always seem very well organized. A messy bathroom will affect the overall comfort of the space.
The appearance of the bathroom space must not only be aesthetically perfect, but also functional.
As one of the choices for the interior styles of modern-contemporary homes today, a distinctive modern minimalist style, such as that produced by the Scandinavian style, can be an option.

A minimalist touch in the Scandinavian interior concept, with the dominance of clean white, can make the bathroom feel wider.

Visually, the nuances of the Scandinavian style have the ability to show a bathroom that always looks clean and neat. But, of course, this must also be supported by the use of furniture and accessories that have a simple and minimalist model.
A modern minimalist bathroom is a bathroom design that emphasizes function without reducing aesthetic aspects.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

The modern minimalist bathroom emphasizes line shapes without busy patterns, and uses a dominating neutral color scheme.

Designing a minimalist-style bathroom requires special skills to be able to present a simple, functional, and an elegant room atmosphere.


The Scandinavian modern minimalist style makes it easy to achieve the appearance of such a space. The Scandinavian style bathroom creates a minimalist appearance that is distinctive and unique. 

Tapware usage, etc.


Julia and Sasha, two famous designers from Reece, recommend a Scandinavian- style minimalist design for the bathroom. They both suggest the tapware section as a focal point, aka the focal point when designing the area.
"Spend on tapware as it's the focal point and save on tiling by not tiling every wall." - Julia and Sasha.


"We wanted a seamless space so we made the vanity the feature". - Julia & Sasha.
Minimal Nordic style tapware ~ source Reece

Shower options

"Carry the look through to the shower too"
Source: Apinfectologia

Source: Reece

Pay attention to the shapes and patterns

"We selected a round shape because its soft to work with the theme"
Flexible round and circular models and shapes - source: Reece

Apart from a few key points that Julia and Shasa recommend, they both really put emphasis on a simple or simply look and shape.

This simplicity, according to them, comes from the use of calm, soft, and neutral colors.

The hallmark of minimalism in bathroom designs is a color palette and clean lines. This color palette is also responsible for its sleek look.

And, if there is anything that the two designers don't recommend, it's about a mixture of metallic finishes and also the use of colors that are too deep and bold.

The bathroom is a modern minimalist design concept typical style of  Scandinavian or commonly called the approach and design concept "Nordic minimal", the best way to show the bathroom space with the simplicity of appearance; moderate use of decorative elements; but able to give birth to functionality with maximum aesthetic levels.
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