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Not Only Beautiful, These Are 7 Benefits of Sunflowers That You Don't Know!

Who doesn't know sunflowers? is sure that all of you must have seen this beautiful and bright yellow plant

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Beautiful Sunflower

Various Benefits and Uses of Sunflowers For You

Who doesn't know sunflowers? is sure that all of you must have seen this beautiful and bright yellow plant, either directly or only through pictures or photos. The beauty of sunflowers makes it liked by many people, from children to adults, including those who don't even like gardening.

However, did you know that behind its beauty, this flower that is always facing the sun also has a myriad of unexpected benefits? Come on, just take a look at TodaySelection review of the benefits of sunflowers below!

Sunflowers to Prevent Diabetes

Apart from the charming flowers, sunflowers are also famous for their edible seeds. Well, sunflower seeds contain chlorogenic acid, which can help lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, sunflower seeds are very suitable for consumption by diabetics.

You can consume sunflower seeds directly or it can be mixed with other foods. If you consume sunflower seeds with foods that contain carbohydrates, such as bread, the content in sunflower seeds will immediately work to reduce these carbohydrate compounds in your body.

Sunflowers Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

The benefits of sunflower, which then come from the seeds, can reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because there is a magnesium content which can help lower blood pressure. In addition, there are also linoleic acid compounds that can prevent the narrowing of blood vessels and lower cholesterol.

Sunflowers Can Maintain Skin Health

Sunflower seeds also produce oil that is no less beneficial than the seeds themselves. Sunflower oil contains vitamin E which is high in antioxidants so it is very effective in protecting the skin from free radicals that can cause skin cell damage and premature aging.

Apart from that, sunflower oil can also make the skin more hydrated. Thanks to these benefits, it's no wonder that many facial care products use sunflower oil as the base ingredient. If you regularly use products containing sunflower oil, your facial skin will definitely be softer and more nourished.

Sunflowers Help Relieve Skin Inflammation

Not only vitamin E, sunflower oil also contains vitamins A, C, D, and linoleic acid or unsaturated fatty acids which can reduce inflammation in your skin. The sun oil content will work by providing a protective layer to prevent the skin from becoming infected by bacteria.

Benefits of Sunflowers for Hair Health

Your hair is falling out? To fix this, you can use sunflower oil, you know! Vitamin B6 contained in sunflower seed oil can increase the absorption of zinc in the body so that more oxygen enters the scalp and reduces hair loss.

In addition, there is also a content of  gamma linolenic acid, which can treat hair damage. Not to forget, vitamin E also works to stimulate hair growth to make it thicker and healthier.

Sunflowers To Decorate Your Home Garden

Apart from the seeds and oils, sunflowers also have uses from the flowers themselves, namely as a garden ornament or home page. Yes, the unique and large flower shape with a distinctive yellow color makes it look very charming.

You can plant some sunflowers in the yard so that the front of your house is more cheerful and attractive. Eits, if all the sunflowers you have planted have grown, you can also take celebgram-style photos around them, you know!

Fertilizing Plants with Sunflowers

It is undeniable that every living thing has a limited life span, as well as sunflowers. In time, sunflowers will wither and die so that they become dry. However, you don't need to be sad because dry sunflowers can still be useful as fertilizer to fertilize other plants, you know! This is because sunflowers contain high potassium so that it can trigger plant growth.

Those are the seven benefits of sunflowers, ranging from health to decorative functions in homes. If you want to plant sunflowers, make sure you buy good quality seeds so that their growth is not stunted, OK! Come on, start planting sunflowers at home and feel all the benefits!
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