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Small Apartment Decoration, Between Functionality and Style

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Small Apartment Decoration, Between Functionality and Style

Decorating a small apartment can be tricky and is never an easy task.

When thinking about apartment decoration, especially small apartments, there are many assumptions that state that decorating a small apartment can only focus on function. Small apartments are difficult to achieve the maximum appearance due to space and size limitations. Of course, this is not entirely true. Small apartments can also look stylish without losing function.

Finding the right balance between function and design style in the interior of a small apartment is very important. Creating a living space that is comfortable and has a trendy appearance is the real goal of interior decoration.

So, can your small apartment still look stylish and trendy without losing its maximum functionality or not? The answer of course you can.

You only need to focus on treating your living space with the items you need, while on the other hand, you also don't forget the aesthetic aspects that are based on personal tastes and needs.

Apartment design and its effect on mental health

Talking about apartment interior design and decoration in general, in an article entitled “ Can the design of an apartment affect your mental health? , ”Melissa Heagney reminds us of the importance of apartment design ideas, especially in small apartments. By quoting Dr. Sarah Foster, Melissa emphasized in her writing that apartment design and decoration has an impact on mental health.

Melissa quotes Dr. Sarah Foster, an investigator from the centre of urban research, who is concerned about the widespread development of apartments, especially in big cities in Australia; "The existence of micro apartments, with rooms without windows, lighting that is not optimal, as well as spaces that do not have a specific function and purpose, can be very detrimental to the occupants," he wrote.

While on the other hand, citing, being creative and utilizing furniture is very important in apartment decorating. Balancing between form and function in the interior of the apartment should really be taken seriously. And to get a balance between style and function, a good decoration technique or trick is a very essential aspect.

Then what exactly are these good apartment design and decoration tricks?

5 Important Things in Small Apartment Decoration

Quoting rentals directly, there are 5 things that are very essential when decorating an apartment that should not be neglected to get a balance between functionality and style, including:

1. Don't Ignore the Floor

The floor is one interior element that you should not ignore completely when decorating. Decorating this piece can be really tricky, but it's not really that difficult. Using a rug is a great way to add colour, personality and style to a floor piece. Carpets are also the easiest way to add instant effect to a room. Carpets can also cover imperfections in floors, offer durability in high-traffic areas, and add to underfoot comfort.

2. Focus on Lighting

Just like carpets, different types of lighting can set the mood and create an instant effect into any space. Small lights with dim lights can create a romantic atmosphere, while overhead lighting can make a small room appear bright and spacious. It is very important to consider the size of the apartment when choosing lighting fixtures and lamps.

3. Maximize Corner Area

When decorating an apartment, it is recommended that you pay attention to small details. Some areas that are often neglected in the decoration of small apartments are the corner areas. You can maximize the space of your small apartment by making use of the corners of the room. Bookcases, decorative elements, or side chairs are great ways to add storage, add style, and add seating as well.

4. Color Options

The choice of room paint colour really depends on the purpose and function of the room itself. Colour has no small influence in interior decoration. The choice of paint colour influences mood and can play on the senses. Take it seriously when deciding to use a certain colour for your small apartment.

5. Make Your Apartment Like A Home

No matter what style of interior decoration you use for your small apartment, whether minimalist, maximalist, eclectic, industrial, transitional, contemporary, or something else, the most important thing to keep in mind is that when decorating you should be able to find elements that match. According to your personal taste.

Remember, this is your apartment and living space. You are the one who has authority over it. Make sure all the interior design and decoration techniques used can match and match your tastes and needs. Make your small apartment like a comfortable home for you and your family.

Functionality or Style?

Living in a small apartment doesn't mean that you have to neglect its interior design and decor in order to pursue functionality. Instead, you should try to balance the two focuses.

Decorating a small apartment can be tricky and is never an easy task. However, by following some of the techniques and tricks of interior design and decoration as written above, your small apartment can also have the perfect style, complete with maximizing function and psychological aspects of space that have a positive impact on you and your family.

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