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Broken Plan, Reconfiguring the Interior of a 100 Square Meter Apartment with Partition Walls from Glass

Partition walls that give birth to perfection. Where a small room can also look wider and have unusual room dividers and dividers

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Partition walls that give birth to perfection. Where a small room can also look wider and have unusual room dividers and dividers.

Studio apartments have limitations in terms of size. But that doesn't mean it can't be designed and decorated to be functional and visually appealing. Small apartment interiors can also be designed very stylish with the right interior concept.

As is done by Pauzarq studio, an architectural firm in Spain. They managed to show their work, how a mini studio apartment measuring 100 square meters can be designed to be very functional and have the perfect appearance.

Launch Dezeen, Pauzarq studio made one remarkable thing. They reconfigured the interior construction of a small 100 square meter apartment to have a completely new appearance. Broken Plan is the term they use to describe the interior concept they use.

Pauzarq studio has really managed to pay attention to the original or built-in structure and features of the apartment to map and re-plan a perfect layout that can be perfectly integrated. They found the original concrete structure to be used as a "broken plan" layout which was used as the basis for forming a very unique glass partition wall.

The new interior construction and solutions they offer are how a small apartment can still have separate, but well-integrated, spaces.

The living room of the apartment is also a dining room and living room which share space with the kitchen area. Become a kind of central or central room surrounded by bathrooms and bedrooms in other parts.

The unique U-shaped glass partition wall that wraps around the kitchen is a strong statement that there is a room that seems separate. But the reality is not like that.

Partition walls are what gave birth to a situation, where a small room can also look spacious and has unusual dividers and space dividers. Become a smart interior concept for small apartments.

The transition area is also very clear with the combination of wooden floors that have different colours. The choice of paint colour on the soft wooden floor combines with a darker colour. Forms the perfect harmony.

Another clever interior concept of this small apartment is a minimalist style choice. This interior style played no small part and proved to be the best choice. It should also not be forgotten that another key to success is the installation of glass partition walls. This partition design is really successfully integrated to the maximum. Gives birth to a space that has perfect visual appeal.
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