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Bathroom Design Under Small Stairs, Comfortable and Functional

The bathroom under the stairs is unique in shape and size. It is also able to add value and functionality and aesthetics to a small house.

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The bathroom under the stairs is unique in shape and size. It is also able to add value and functionality and aesthetics to a small house.

Currently, small houses are becoming a trend in the housing market, and the demand is increasing. These types of houses are the target of many people. The small house is claimed to be a solution to owning houses in a big city; a solution for those who have a limited budget to be able to have a comfortable enough residence.

To maximize the potential of each area in a small house, you can build it up into two to three levels. In this way, the space requirements can be met. You can also use the area that is usually not used at the bottom of the stairs into a small bathroom with a unique and functional appearance.

In general, the bathroom under the stairs is not parallel because there are high and low sections. Therefore, special methods and techniques are needed to design this type of bathroom to make it feel comfortable.

This misalignment is nothing to worry about. You can design it in such a way as to keep it unique, or in other words a qualified aesthetic value. In this non-aligned area, you can place a shelf for storage of toiletries and equipment.

Interested in transforming the area under the stairs into a cosy little bathroom with a unique appearance?

Here are some ways and things that you should think about and pay attention to first so that this small room can look optimally.

Pay attention to the size

The first step that must be taken when designing a bathroom under the stairs, is to know exactly the size of the area that will be used. Such as the size of the ceiling height, so that people in the bathroom can stand upright in it.

The ideal height of a room is about 2.2 meters.

You also have to pay attention to the roof of the bathroom. Because the steps are the roof, the ceiling is not parallel.

You can measure the misaligned part of the roof to place a custom shelf or wardrobe on the wall. So that this section can be more functional as storage space or storage.


The area under the stairs has a fairly small room size, so you have to pay attention to the air circulation so it doesn't feel stuffy.

Plan air access in and out of it so that it is not damp and feels crowded.

You can make the openings in the form of latticed vents to keep the air in and out of it smoothly. Grids are the best way to get the functionality of a window. This design is also budgeted-friendly.


Lighting should also be a concern when designing a bathroom under the stairs.

You can design the openings so that natural light can enter the bathroom. The incoming sunlight can keep the room away from damp and mould.

Also make sure the lighting, installation of the lights is evenly distributed throughout the room. Set it so that it is not too bright. The size of a small bathroom is enough to use ordinary lights.

Don't forget another thing that is no less important; always keep the bathroom clean to make it comfortable and healthy!
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