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6 Popular Interior Paint Colour Trends This Year

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Interior paints colour trends that bring joy into any space.

The world of interior design keeps changing all the time. It follows various developing trends. Especially about colour.

Regarding interior paint colours, this year is predicted to be full of colours that feel edgy. The colours are very intense and give birth to a fantastic atmosphere and space atmosphere.

Consider some of its uses indoors below:

1. Classic Pink

Soft and warm colours. Tone colours are reminiscent of the style of home design with the feel of a chic but with a more fluid gender identity.

"Pink has developed more strengths than ever," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

2. Deep Red

Vibrant red colour designed to stand out. Accents in this "fiery" colour can energize and harmonize a space.

3. Shades of Purple

Pantone has always been one of the best colour choices. This year, purple is claimed to be able to add energy and depth to any room. Whether it's as the main colour scheme, or just as an accent, or even its use for a variety of accessories and furniture.

Purple is a colour shade that looks very classy and luxurious.

4. Black

It is undeniable that black is almost always avoided. But in fact, this colour is one of the most special colour choices. 
Designers started experimenting with black a long time ago. Black is treated like a sleek and sexy neutral colour.

According to some accounts, black complements almost any theme or colour palette. From black floors to black chandeliers, this is the perfect way to add some "drama" to a room.

4. Shades of Blue

"Creating harmony for interior or exterior." said Erika Woelfel, vice president of colour and creative services at Behr.

It is blue, which gives a feeling of relaxation, calm and peace.

6. Yellow and Light Green

Clearing a room in your home with a choice of bright colours should not be considered a design risk. Pantone predicts, in a "Playful" colour scheme, you'll find nuances of space that will bring joy.

"People need to stop and smile," said Eiseman. Design doesn't always have to be so rigid and serious.
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