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15 Classic House Designs from Various Countries

Are you also interested in adapting classic house designs from other countries? Here are some classic home design inspirations from various countries

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Home and architectural trends don't run as fast as music or clothing trends. But slowly and surely, there is a trend. Including home decor trends, which in fact can vary in each country. Even so, classic home designs never die.

Amid the onslaught of cultural acculturation, classic house designs have managed to defend themselves. In fact, not a few people use classic house designs from other countries as their residential theme. Are you also interested in adapting classic house designs from other countries? Here are some classic home design inspirations from various countries that you can copy.

1. Elegant Bollywood style with a classic Indian house

Classic Indian homes usually feature bright colors and attractive motifs. The concept of the classic Indian home design accentuates a feel that feels luxurious and elegant typical of Bollywood. In India, the average classic house is decorated with various elegant home decor knick-knacks and is very luxurious.

Among them are decorated with jars, several crystals, or gold colored thread. Because the Indian region is a tropical region like us in Indonesia. No wonder they decorate classic homes that prioritize coolness. This can be seen from the high ceiling. What's interesting about this classic Indian house is that it uses more ventilation than windows.

2. A classic colonial American house which is formal

The characteristics of a classic colonial American house are usually characterized by a variety of furniture made of wood and trim and are widely used throughout the room. The hallmark of classic colonial American home interior design is that it accentuates formal designs and the use of fine wood such as walnuts, cherries, mahogany as furniture materials.

This classic house usually decorates the interior with various fabrics, such as rugs, velvet or brocade. For the fixtures and lighting, this classic house uses iron and brass.

3. A magnificent classic France house

The luxurious and luxurious decoration style and luxurious decorative style in each room are the hallmarks of classic France home interior design. Classical home furnishings generally include antiques or heirlooms in the France royal style. Flowers as decoration are almost certainly found in every room of this classic house model. There are flowers that you can use such as carnations and roses.

Like the elegant western style European house design concept, the France classic house also has quite a number of windows. Usually there are approximately 6 windows that are placed on the side of the house wall. Meanwhile, 2 windows are made large and placed in front of the house.

4. Dominate bright colors in classic Moroccan homes

Classic Moroccan houses in the interior usually dominate the rich colors typical of the Middle East. This technical decoration is one of the peculiarities and uniqueness of classic Moroccan home design styles. Red, green and blue, orange, gold accents, light brown, yellow and silver, can create a tropical atmosphere in the room.

Classic Moroccan homes usually don't forget the existence of exotic plants, terracotta tiles, and textured walls. Everything gives a different atmosphere. Classic Moroccan houses use wood and wrought iron to make furniture. Classic Moroccan houses also usually use a lot of accessories in the interior.

5. A classic Japanese house that accentuates the essence of nature

This classic Japanese house has its own uniqueness. The use of wood and bamboo materials is quite dominant in certain spaces or sections. Usually this classic house design has several important elements that must be present in the interior design. The first element is a sliding glass door or large glass that can provide a view.

Sliding doors allow the exterior and interior of a classic Japanese minimalist home to blend into each other. The characteristics and characteristics of classic Japanese home interior design are also found in the minimalist architecture and Zen interior design style. Essential furnishings are essential to make living space not feel cramped or cluttered.

If you want to enter a house with an interior design like this, you shouldn't use footwear in the house. Place it on the shoe rack in front of the door.

6. A nuance of architectural grandeur in a classic Russian house

Classical Russian houses showcase a decorative side from the past. A classic Russian house is clearly reflected in the grandeur of ancient architecture, which is assimilated by the design of typical Russian holiday homes and old luxury apartments. All of this is reflected in the combination of antiques, luxury accessories and the work of art on display. In today's classic houses in Russia it is usually combined with modern interior accessories.

7. Mediterranean style classic Spanish house

The characteristic and hallmark of classic Spanish home interior design is the vibrant and colorful Mediterranean style. Reminiscent of a country villa with sunny terraces, and a quaint yet very solid family atmosphere. To add this impression to your home, you can add accessories such as wall hangings or colorful posters.

8. A combination of bold colors in a classic Chinese house

Interior design of classical Chinese homes is influenced by the development of a very long history of culture and decoration dating back thousands of years. The Chinese design style can be said to have similarities with Japanese and Zen-style interior design. Classic Chinese home interiors use a combination of colors that have a bold impression.

Choosing house paint colors with care, bold colors like black, glossy accents of gold and / or red are in great demand. For decoration, the classic Chinese house uses clean, straight line features similar to the Japanese interior design. Classical Chinese home decorations are generally equipped with bamboo decorations.

9. The industrial interior style of a classic Italian house

Classic houses in this country love industrial interior style. Home owners and designers like to combine industrial materials such as metal, wood, silk and leather, then specially process them into handmade works. As a result, accessories and furniture that sound harsh, but it has a finish that is smooth.

10. Simple with a classic Greece house.

Classic houses in Greece use cement mortar on the walls of the house. When renovating, the surface of the walls will be coated with a cement mixture. This cement mix creates a stunning sculpture-look effect. This classic model house emphasizes a simple concept.

11. Relaxing feel in a classic German house

The main composition of classic home decor in Germany is the selection of furniture with a relaxed feel, such as a cocktail chair and daybed, which is a kind of wider sofa. The accessory materials used have luxurious colors, such as brass, gemstones, gold and soft, luxurious velvet patterns. They are all complemented by conventional folding blinds and chic table decorations.

12. Classic American elegant home

The distinctive feature that is easily visible from this classic house is the brick walls. Classic American home design is synonymous with the use of bricks. The orderly and neat arrangement cannot be separated from the elegant western style modern classic American house design. This uniqueness is the main attraction. Classic houses of this model usually highlight the very distinctive original color of the bricks.

Its distinctive style can also be seen from its symmetrical shape. Even though the design is simple, it looks luxurious and elegant. Almost all the components in a classic American house are symmetrical.

13. Character with a classic Netherland house

Classic Dutch-style houses are found in many ancient houses in Indonesia. The hallmark of this classic house is that it looks characterized by the large number of windows. For color selection, classic Dutch houses often use neutral and bright colors, both in the interior and exterior of classic homes.

14. Classic European elegant house

The nuances of classic European houses do seem dark. But because of that, the residents will feel the warmth of the classic house. For the classic European-style house concept in the interior, it still uses natural stone decorations to create a warm and familiar impression for its residents. You can still find tall pillars in this classic house. Currently, there are many houses in Indonesia that carry this classic European-style house design.

15. Classic South African house

People in South Africa have their own way of producing luxurious homes. They use a sexy finish, seductive textures, and provocative colors. Classic South African homes love luxury style. To accentuate the luxurious impression of a classic house, South Africans usually use tribal motifs on their furniture.

So, after seeing the classic house designs above, which one is your favorite?
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