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Minimalist Bohemian Apartment Ideas, Unique and Eccentric Modern Residential

The minimalist bohemian apartment is a solution for those of you who like a variety of colours and motifs, but can still feel the atmosphere of a room

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The minimalist bohemian apartment is a solution for those of you who like a variety of colours and motifs, but can still feel the atmosphere of a room that looks neat and minimalist.

Owning and living in an apartment seems to be one of the most popular choices besides the type of landing house. Apartments are practical solutions for housing that are comfortable and effective in modern urban communities. The reasons can be various; starting from its strategic location, as well as a number of adequate facilities.

So, to get maximum comfort, you can design an apartment with the interior design style that you like the most. Personalizing the interior style according to your character and personality can have many advantages. And one of the design styles with a unique and fresh appearance, a bohemian interior style can be an option.

Get to know the Bohemian style

Bohemian, or as it is known as boho, is a style that reflects a free personality, with the use of many patterns, colours and patterns.

The various motifs and patterns in this style are deliberately combined so that they appear to be bumping into one another, random, and irregular.

However, even though it looks disorganized and messy, the bohemian looks unique in its appearance, it is very unique and eccentric.

Another uniqueness behind its "uniqueness", the bohemian which is lively and lively, you can also tinker with to make it feel more minimalist. The trick is to present bohemians only as accents.

Bohemian elements or elements can be very attractive in minimalist or even Scandinavian style spaces.

Minimalist Bohemian Apartment Living Room

The use of wood as a material and floor colour can be an option for a bohemian minimalist apartment living room. The presence of a plain sofa in grey, green, or brown is also the right choice.

Use white or neutral colours for the walls, or use wallpaper or fabric motifs that are stretched on one part. You can get a distinctive boho accent in the living room of your small apartment.

Also present carpet and sofa cushions that have unique motifs and patterns and various colours. Plants can also be added as natural decorative elements that give a cool and fresh impression.

Minimalist Bohemian Apartment Dining Room

The easiest and most effective way to display a bohemian style in the living room is by presenting a patterned rug. Carpets can have magical powers showing the character of a room.

Boho motif rugs as chairs and dining tables are very interesting and unique. Can represent your eccentric personality as a boho style fan.

In addition, present a wall decoration in the form of a painting or photo with a vintage looking gold wood frame.

Minimalist Bohemian Apartment Kitchen

As previously discussed, the boho style is a design style that is very rich in the use of patterns, colours and motifs, but of course this needs to be a concern if you want to present a more minimalist bohemian impression, especially for the kitchen room.

You can choose vintage- style cooking utensils that have bright and vibrant colours. Even though it only displays colours on the furniture, this method can give a strong boho impression.

If you don't want to use multiple colours in your kitchen utensils, you can play with tile tiles. The use of patterned tiles or tiles can display a unique vintage impression in a bohemian style.

Minimalist Bohemian Apartment Bedroom

Choose white as the colour of the walls of your bohemian apartment room, then decorate it with various motifs on sports or carpets. Boho-style motifs can also be presented on blankets, pillows, to the motif fabrics that you use as wall hangings.

It's important for you to remember, avoid a combination of no more than three colours and patterns that are not too complicated. This is done so that the boho impression that will be presented is not too dominant and is still able to present a subtle minimalist atmosphere.
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