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Apartment Design, Attractive and Impressive Modern Industrial Style

The industrial studio apartment design features a spacious atmosphere that looks very attractive as well as impressive

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The industrial studio apartment design features a spacious atmosphere that looks very attractive as well as impressive.

Having a studio type apartment requires creativity when arranging each room to make it look more comfortable and functional. Its relatively small size makes you have to be wise when choosing and using furniture and designing zoning or space division. Don't let the small size feel even more crowded with various furniture that fill the space.

In addition to utilizing each area properly and properly to make your mini studio apartment more functional, you still have to prioritize comfort.

Choosing an interior design style that you like besides the minimalist style in this type of apartment is quite tricky. However, that doesn't mean it's completely impossible. Industrial interior design style can be an alternative choice to get an attractive and impressive appearance.

The industrial style gives a unique appearance with its characteristic unfinished style,  giving birth to a unique and very visually appealing impression.

Industrial interior style is a style that accentuates rough textures dominated by dark colours and monochromes. Choosing an industrial interior design style for a studio apartment is the right choice. This style will make your mini studio apartment look even more unique and impressive.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to when deciding to adopt an industrial style into your apartment;

Unfinished Style

Industrial is known as a style that exposes various textures, especially raw and rough textures.

To show an industrial style in your apartment, present cement walls and floors. The cement floor and exposed brick walls, combined with the metal furnishings and the use of a monochrome colour scheme, give it a very distinctive unfinished  look and feel.

You can also present exposed brick walls in the kitchen and dining area.

To avoid the renovation and modification process space that are major, you do not need to change the wall with real bricks. Use walls that look like cement or concrete covered with GRC and a special finish.

Metal Elements and Wood Elements

Minimize the use of plastic components and switch to metal and wood elements which are typical materials for industrial design styles.

You can present metal materials on exposed frames on windows, ceilings, and stairs. Meanwhile, wood can be presented through various furniture and / or floors.

To get a unified design, use furniture and furniture that exposes raw materials.

You can use a solid wood floor for the surface of the kitchen island or dining table. Remember, avoid using bright colours and too flashy. The use of neutral earth tone colours is preferred and is able to give a minimalist and clean industrial impression.

Pendant Lamp and Chandelier

The use of a lamp turns out to be able to give an industrial appearance and impression. However, of course not just any lights.

To reinforce the industrial design style of the studio apartment, use pendant lamps with black or white covers and a few gold accents.

Or you can also use a chandelier, aka a candle holder, which will balance the rough impression to be softer and create a comfortable atmosphere.


Use accessories and complementary furniture made of iron and metal.

However, you don't need to force use it for all the furniture in the apartment. The use of iron and metal for dish racks and also on tableware such as plates and cups is enough to show an industrial impression. In addition, you can also present it on table legs, chairs, sinks, to flower pots or plant pots.
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