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7 minimalist bedroom decorations, simple without filling the room

If at this time you are bored, then it's time for you to be creative to add various elements of minimalist room decoration to enhance the appearance of the room

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After getting tired of activities during the day, the room becomes the main destination after arriving home to be a place to unwind and a place to rest.

Of course, everyone wants their room to be comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

If at this time you are bored, then it's time for you to be creative to add various elements of minimalist room decoration to enhance the appearance of the room.

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Minimalist room decorations, simple without filling the room

1. Wall clock

2. Carpet

3. Mirror

4. Wall Covering

5. Display Photo

6. Ottoman

7. Succulent Plants

As an inspiration, this time will discuss minimalist room decoration ideas that you can use. Check out this article in full, yes!

Wall clock as a minimalist room decoration


Wall clocks are mandatory items for minimalist room decoration. Thanks to these accessories, you can know the exact time without relying on a cell phone. For selection, this wall clock model is perfect for you to install as a minimalist room decoration.

The contrast between black on the clock and white on the wall will make your room look more stylish.

Even though the clock has become a minimalist bedroom decoration, don't worry that your sleep will be disturbed! Choose a wall clock equipped with a Sweep Movement Quartz machine so it doesn't tick and disturb your good sleep.

Minimalist room decoration as well as sitting mats

You can also sweeten the room by adding a carpet as a minimalist room decoration.

Not only makes the room look more catchy, this carpet will be in harmony with the feel of the room because of its neutral colors.

The carpet also functions as a seat mat in the room, and prevents the soles of the feet from coming into contact with cold or damp floors.

If you don't fit the carpet, you can use a lesehan chair as a cushion.

Mirror, minimalist room decoration for the impression of spaciousness space

Thanks to the mirror, it will be easier for you to look in the mirror and check your appearance before traveling.

However, the function of the mirror as a minimalist bedroom decoration is not only that; The mirror can also have a broad effect on the room because the reflection of the lighting effect is maximized.

So, if your room is narrow, then you must add a minimalist room decoration in the form of this mirror.

Wall Covering  for rooms with character


Painting to change the appearance of the room is certainly very inconvenient.

The best solution is, you can use wall covering as a minimalist room decoration to give a new, more personal feel in the room.

Please choose wall covering with the motif you want and follow the installation guidelines that are usually included in the product package without the need to use the services of an expert.

Wall covering is a minimalist room decoration solution with low prices and can be easily removed when you are bored!

Display the moments captured with photo frames


Want to display photo documentation containing the best moments, paintings, or montage images in the room? You can show off the fun photos that have been attached to the photo frame on the wall of your room.

To make it more attractive, you can arrange this minimalist room decoration in such a way through collage techniques or other installation techniques according to your wishes!

Ottoman, charming multifunctional  storage


If your room area is not too big, but requires extra seating, who says minimalist room decorations can't be multi functional? You can add an ottoman in the room, precisely in front of the bed.

Besides being used as additional seating, ottoman also you can use as a footrest, storage containers, as well as trendy minimalist room decor because of its very aesthetic.

Beautiful Room with Succulent Plants


If your bedroom looks plain, you can also add succulent plants as a minimalist room decoration to add a natural impression.

It's very easy in terms of maintenance, you can choose one of the succulent variations to be used as a minimalist room decoration, move it into a small pot or glass, then arrange it with different layers of soil and rocks so that it looks even more charming.

You can use the seven minimalist room decoration items above to give a new feel to your room. Of course, there are many other decorations for the sake of a more charming room, but don't let the minimalist room decor even fill the room.
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