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30 Minimalist and Unique Room Partitions

In addition to the construction of walls or walls, room division can also use non-permanent partitions. Currently there are various creative and unique room partition ideas that have a function more than just dividing the room

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Room dividers or bulkheads are needed to separate each room.

Generally, a house is built with a wall as a divider between rooms.

In addition to the construction of walls or walls, room division can also use non-permanent partitions.

Currently there are various creative and unique room partition ideas that have a function more than just dividing the room.

Utilization of the room partition function can also maximize interior design as well as become furniture that beautifies the residence.

Minimalist Room Partition 

If you have a narrow occupancy, choosing a room partition is very important so that the room still looks wider and not cramped.

Below are some minimalist room partition designs that can be an inspiration for your home.

1. Curtain creations

curtain creations

The simplest division of the room at a relatively low cost is to use a curtain.

In order not to be boring, we can make curtain creations from small strands of bamboo strung together or dangling threads like the picture above.

Usually the curtain is used in the connecting gap between the room, bedroom, or bathroom.

new curtain

unique curtains
The use of curtains does not make the room completely closed.

The bedroom above, the use of transparent white curtains that match the bed linen and floor makes the room isolated but still looks spacious.

2. Sliding door

sliding door
glass door
Source: Free
Using a room partition as a divider does not mean that the room always looks more open and reduces privacy.

You can limit the room with opaque glass material and it is designed to be a sliding door that can be opened and closed at any time as you wish.

Room restrictions with a sliding door design make it easy for you to have full privacy with a practical and elegant partition.

3. Utilization of furniture

room divider shelf
baffle shelf
Besides using materials from wood, glass, or iron, you can also maximize the function of furniture as a divider between rooms.

Some of the furniture that can be used as a room divider include shelves and bar tables.

Laying furniture as a room divider should be placed in the middle of the room or one side against the wall.

4. Portable Room Partitions

Portable room dividers can also be an alternative when you want to insulate a room in a non-permanent and practical way.

The sleek and affordable design makes this divider practical and easy to use in corners or rooms that don't need a lot of bulkheads.

5. Glass walls

If you want the room to look wider, you can use a transparent glass wall as a room partition.

Generally, the glass wall is placed on one side of the room or the back facing the garden or pool so that residents can enjoy the view from inside the house.

In addition, glass walls are also suitable for use as a divider in the bathroom.

In addition to making the bathroom look spacious, the use of glass walls as a divider also makes it easier to clean water splashes or foam from activities in the bathroom.

Unique Room Partitions

Apart from being a room divider, a unique room partition will help enhance the interior design of a room and beautify your home.

Check out some of the following unique room partition designs.

1. Pieces of paralon

Paralon pieces can also be used as a unique and artistic room partition.

To give the impression of a more open room, you can use a large diameter piece of paralon, while in a closed room, use a smaller diameter piece of paralon.

Or you can also mix the appropriate paralon sizes to make it look more artistic and give a luxurious impression.

The use of this prolong can be an alternative to unique room partitions at an affordable cost.

2.  fence Bamboo

In order to have a natural impression, you can use bamboo sticks as a divider between rooms. In the picture above, the bamboo sticks are arranged into a neat fence to partition the room.

The bamboo strips decorated with green moss make the room look alive and have a natural impression.

To create an artistic and unique impression, bamboo sticks can also be arranged irregularly.

In the picture above, bamboo sticks are stuck into ground plinths decorated with white ka stones along the sides of the glass walls.

3. Wooden lattice

To give an elegant and classy impression, you can make a wooden lattice as a room divider.

Wooden louvers can be arranged straight parallel or sideways.

To make it look more luxurious, the wood grille coloring must be adjusted to the surrounding furniture.
To maximize the function of the partition, the wooden lattice in this room is also used as a television display.

The dominance of white with soft pink drawers makes the partition above look cute, especially with some colorful flower vase displays.

4. Engraving

Complex wood carvings can be a room divider that has high aesthetic value.

Dividing a room using wood carvings can give a room a vintage and unique impression.

5. Iron Pole

Lined iron poles can be a luxurious alternative to a room divider.

Its shiny visuals make the iron arrangement a prominent attraction in a room.

Iron bars with a smaller diameter can also be used as room partitions that are shaped according to taste.

In this room, a black iron bar was zigzagged and a wooden plank was added in the middle. In order not to be empty, on the wooden planks there are plant pots and several displays.

So it is not only unique, this iron rod creation turns out to also have a functional value.

6. Plant pots

Source: Washingtonhello
If you want to give a natural and fresh impression in your home, you can use plants arranged in pots and supported using iron or wood as partitions in the room.

To make it look fresh and cheerful, this partition uses colorful pots with white iron as a support.

But if you want to look more elegant, you can use black pots and vines to cover the supports.

7. Wooden stems and branches

Not only bamboo stalks, it turns out that tree trunks can also be used as room partitions.

Unlike bamboo clams, which only need to be cut at each end, large logs must be cut thinly so they don't take up much space.

In the room above, the large log is cut thinly but still maintains the authenticity of the curved shape of the trunk and is flanked by pieces of the trunk which are split into two parts so that each side looks the same and neat.

Apart from the trunk, this framed wooden branch also has its own aesthetic value for a luxurious yet natural partition.

The visualization of the twigs is enhanced with a shelf filled with potted plants in the middle of the partition, making this partition look even more elegant.

8. Wood box

The wooden box can be a functional room partition.

Besides dividing the room, wooden boxes can also be used as bookshelves or display places.

The placement of this wooden box can use an iron pole as a support, and don't forget to adjust the color between the support and the wooden box, as well as the furniture and the interior concept of the room.

Well, it turns out that there are lots of materials that can be used as a unique and minimalist room partition.

Not only using expensive materials such as glass, wood, or iron, you can use used and simple items such as praline, twigs and bamboo as a room divider that beautifies your home.
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