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30 Bedroom Design Inspirations

30 Bedroom Design Inspirations, white on white bedroom design inspiration, Bohemian bedroom design inspiration

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30 Bedroom Design Inspirations
white on white bedroom design inspiration

1. White on white

The white palette gives the impression of a wider and brighter room, suitable for small spaces. In order not to be monotonous, combine various textures and motifs on the mattress, bed sheet, wall, or carpet. (Photo Courtesy: Linen House).

Bohemian bedroom design inspiration

2. Bohemian

Present a bohemian nuance with natural-themed elements such as flora or fauna patterned bedding, wooden wall hangings or recycled materials, and living plants in the clear 'down to earth' coloured vases. (Photo Courtesy: Linen House).

Boys will be boys bedroom design inspiration

3. Boys Will Be Boys

Boys are generally very 'loyal' to their hobbies, once they find their favourite activity. Parents can decorate their son's room, according to themes related to hobbies and favourite fictional characters. (Photo Courtesy: Zillow).

Modern Masculinity bedroom design inspiration

4. Modern Masculinity

Simplicity is the main DNA of a masculine interior style. Neutral colours with bold accented furniture not only present masculinity but also modernity. 'Soften' the stiff room decor with geometric accents on the carpet and wall paintings. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest).

Clasy Versace bedroom design inspiration

5. Clasy Versace

The hotel rooms at the Palazzo Versace, Dubai, are in the classic style, elegant and majestic with a Victorian feel.  Bring a luxurious atmosphere to your bedroom with ornate bedrooms, bed linen and baroque carpets.

Ralph Lauren's Nautical bedroom design inspiration

6. Ralph Lauren's Nautical

Ralph Lauren, with his distinctive style of design with the Nautical theme, can, be an inspiration for a chic, casual yet stylish room arrangement.  Play with decorations with Nautical icons like stripes, zigzags and shades of black and white or navy blue.

Scandinavian bedroom design inspiration

7. Scandinavian

Simple, minimalist, neutral colours and maximum natural lighting are characteristic of Scandinavian style interiors.  Suitable for those of you who like practicality.  In order not to be monotonous, add texture and motifs to the room.

Green Living bedroom design inspiration

8. Green Living

Green brings a relaxed feeling.  Choose several kinds of green in the arrangement to make it look more dynamic.  They range from pale green, vanished to bright green.  (Photo Courtesy: Linen House).

Girl's Sanctuary bedroom design inspiration

9. Girls Sanctuary

Your little daughter sometimes needs a personal place to relax and play alone.  Why not make a small tent in the room as a place to imagine as freely as possible in a creative way.  (Photo Courtesy: Zillow).

The Playground bedroom design inspiration

10. The Playground

The empty space can be used as a mini play area in the child's room.  You can lay out bright coloured carpets, comfortable sofas as well as low-legged shelves so that they don't take up too much space and don't harm the active movement of children.

Contrasly Chic bedroom design inspiration

11. Contrasly Chic

The choice of bedding, carpet and decoration motifs with an eye-catching design can make a room look more attractive and stylish without too much 'trying'.  Also apply contrasting colours that make the room fresher and more unique.  (Photo Courtesy: Linen House).

Study Corner bedroom design inspiration

12. Study Corner

If you have more space, there is nothing wrong with providing a special corner where children learn or do their hobbies.  Make this corner fun with a desk, brightly coloured chairs and a few cool accessories.

Twins bedroom design inspiration

13. Twins

A room for two children does not need to be uniform from the place to the sheets, but choose a matching colour theme.  Rooms with two children tend to get messy quickly, so it's best to choose storage or furniture that doesn't take up much space.

Dianne Von Flurstenberg Penthouse bedroom design inspiration

14. Diane Von Flurstenberg Penthouse

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) poured her design talents into a penthouse located in Manhattan, New York.  The DNA of DVF design, which is full of attractive geometric and floral motifs, is combined into the interior decoration that makes this penthouse bedroom look stylish.  (Photo Courtesy: One and Only Resorts).

Kid's Leisure bedroom design inspiration

15. Kid's Leisur

A cheerful impression needs to be presented in a child's room.  In addition to being more comfortable sleepy, also studying or doing activities.  Choose only one area that will be given bright colours so that the room does not seem 'dazzled'.  You can also decorate the bedroom walls with cute illustrated wallpapers.

Playing With Stripes bedroom design inspiration

16. Playing With Stripes

Line motifs make the room seem dynamic.  Line motif applications can not only be applied to bed sheets, pillowcases or wall paint.  But it could also be with the arrangement of books on a shelf that resembles line shapes.  Unique, modern and stylish. (Photo Courtesy: IKEA).

Vintage Feminine bedroom design inspiration

17. Vintage Feminine

Feminine impression can be presented through simple but dynamic design furniture. For example, a bed with rounded corners, a pink chaise lounge or a part of the wall with a maroon colour. For a vintage feel, you can play with floral or polka dot curtains.

Granny Bedroom bedroom design inspiration

18. Granny Bedroom

Bring out the warmth of the past with vintage decorations, like sleeping in your mother or grandmother's room in your childhood. Oldies impression, but far from being 'out of date' because of the timeless model. Place a relaxing sofa, also choose sheets with floral and geometric patterns and live plant pots to refresh the room. (Photo Courtesy: IKEA).

Compact bedroom design inspiration

19. Compact

For limited room space, choose a multifunctional bed that can also be a wardrobe or cabinet. Compact, saves space and certainly looks unique.

Pattern Play bedroom design inspiration

20. Pattern Play

The game of motives makes the bedroom seem monotonous. Combine two to three motifs on walls, floors or furniture. Use matching colours to prevent the room from looking 'cramped' and cramped.

Girlie Chic bedroom design inspiration

21. Girlie Chic

You can apply a girlie look by wearing pastel pink. In order not to look like a child, apply pink only to one side of the bedroom wall. Let other areas remain neutral, including furniture from the bed, bed linen on the table. Add a vase to beautify the room. (Photo Courtesy: IKEA).

Robert Pattinson bedroom design inspiration

22. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's house in the Hollywood Hills is thick with rustic nuances. The dominance of wooden elements on the floor, furniture, and shutters adds a classic rustic feel. The modern impression is still created from the modern-style night lamp.

Preppy bedroom design inspiration

23. Preppy

The Preppy impression can be imported from floral and paisley motifs, as well as a girlie 'girl next door' style bedroom. Don't forget the vintage table lamps, as well as the classic wardrobe long mirrors. (Photo Courtesy: IKEA).

Smart Minimalist bedroom design inspiration

24. Smart Minimalist

Owners of small bedrooms can stay comfortable with minimal effort. The idea of a bunk bed can be used, with the bottom part functioning as an area for activities such as reading a book, watching TV or just sitting back. Choose furniture that doesn't take up space, such as a cupboard that fits into the wall, or a chair that also functions as a storage box for items. (Photo Courtesy: IKEA).

Vanessa Carlton bedroom design inspiration

25. Vanessa Carlton

You can take your bedroom arrangement inspiration from a celebrity's room, such as singer Vanessa Carlton. Vanessa chose a shabby chic style for her room in an apartment in the SoHo area, Manhattan, New York, United States. The unpainted brick walls and eclectic furniture give the impression of being unfinished, but still stunning the eyes of connoisseurs of the bohemian style. (Photo Courtesy: Coldwell Banker).

Madonna bedroom design inspiration

26. Madonna

In contrast to her always-eccentric appearance, Madonna's bedroom is very minimalist. He chose neutral colours like beige and brown to give a warm and soothing impression. (Photo Courtesy: Brown Harris Stevens).

Kourtney Kardashian bedroom design inspiration

27. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney combines various motifs and textures to give her bedroom a glamorous look. Starting from the walls, windows to the floor, they have different textures and motifs but are still harmonious and look luxurious thanks to the use of matching colours. Not forgetting brass-plated lamps and neon lights with the words 'Love Me' adding to the lively atmosphere of the room with the right proportions. (Photo Courtesy: Gray Crawford for Jeff Andrews)

Greyish Monochrome bedroom design inspiration

28. Greyish Monochrome

A monochrome style arrangement is suitable for those of you who like something simple and minimalist. In order not to be boring, add a game of motifs and textures in some corners and parts of the room.

Wall Art bedroom design inspiration

29. Wall Art

The bedroom becomes more attractive with a focus on the decoration on the wall. Use geometric patterned wallpaper as well as wall hangings like framed urban posters or paintings. Keep the interior of the room simple to balance the accents on the wall so it doesn't seem too crowded.

Colorburst bedroom design inspiration

30. Colorburst

The use of bright colours such as fuchsia, neon yellow or cobalt blue is not a 'sin' in interior design. Provided you can mix and match with elements that are more toned-down. For example, the splash of shocking pink as an accent in an all white room, to give a youthful and energetic impression.
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