20 Mandatory Home Appliances, Standards for Ideal Shelter

20 Mandatory Home Appliances, Standards for Ideal Shelter

mandatory home appliances

List of household appliances that must be in each room, ideal housing requirements for a new house.

Of course, there is a lot that must be prepared and encouraged for newly married couples to be ready to undergo a household ark. One of the most important is certainly a matter of place to live.

For those who have just become a married couple, having a new home is definitely quite a headache. Especially when looking for what items must be fulfilled and they are fundamental in every dwelling.

If the obligatory household appliances are not fulfilled, daily activities can become obstructed and even comfort will be disturbed.

List of Household Appliances

Small obstacles and disturbances in life with a partner, it is not impossible that they can become unexpected problems in the future. So as much as possible, it must be prevented before it happens.

1. Beds, Mattresses and Sheets - Bedrooms

household appiliances beds mattresses and sheets bedrooms

One of the most important places in the home is the bedroom, because this is where we rest to start over tomorrow. For a comfortable rest, choose a quality bed that is durable and sturdy.

2. Pillows and Bolsters - Bedroom

Comfortable mattresses and sheets are not enough. Complete sleeping equipment with pillows and bolsters that make you sleep better after a tiring day of activities.

3. Wardrobe - Bedroom

The wardrobe in the bedroom will make it easier for us when we get dressed. Because this room is the most private compared to any room, of course.

4. Chairs and Work Desks - Bedrooms

For hard workers, it is difficult to leave an unfinished job in the office. For that, there must be a desk and chair for work so that they are ready whenever needed, and with minimal distraction.

5. Sofa bed - Living Room

The family room is a favorite when relaxing at home. To make it even more comfortable, complete it with your dream sofa that is ready to accompany you in your spare time.

6. Television - Family Room

Television is still one of the mainstays of entertainment for people in the country. Moreover, coupled with the existence of cable TV which provides entertainment that provides a wide selection of events.

7. TV Table - Living Room

Modern televisions may be easy to hang on the wall. However, the TV table has its own impression that can add to the aesthetics of the room and function as a storage for items.

8. Chairs and Sofas - Living Room

Any guest who comes will be warmly welcomed by the soft chairs and sofas. Talking about it became more serene and familiar.

9. Coffee Table - Living Room

As a complement to the living room, also complete a coffee table to serve thirst-quenching drinks.

10. Cookware - Kitchen

home appliances cookware kitchen

Cooking utensils such as pans, pans and spatulas are mandatory "fighting tools" in the kitchen. That way, cooking activities become smooth and maximal.

11. Chairs and Dining Table - Dining Room

Creating a special dining table room will make eating calmer and more comfortable. Apart from that, it also prevents food debris from falling to another place. It doesn't need to be big, just provide a little spot to place it.

12. Cutlery - Dining Room

Without the need for explanation, tableware at home must also be fulfilled. Such as spoons, forks, plates, bowls to glasses. For drinking, it would be better if you have a dispenser.

13. Washing Machine - Laundry

home appliances washing machine laundry

If couples work together from morning to night, washing will be neglected, especially if it is done manually. For that, the washing machine can be a mainstay.

14. Iron - Laundry

To ensure a neat look on the outside, all clothes need to be ironed properly. In addition to the iron itself, also equip a decent chair and table so you don't get sore.

15. Towel Hangers - Bathroom

When entering the bathroom and getting ready to clean the body. It will be difficult if there are no tools for hanging towels. Although trivial, it will be very useful.

16. Dipper and Bucket - Bathroom

Maybe in a modern bathroom there is already a shower to make bathing more efficient and water efficient. But, scoops and buckets are always a savior for things that are less predictable, such as when cleaning the bathroom for example or rinsing dirt.

17. Toilet Shelf - Bathroom

Toilet racks are needed so that we can easily store toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other toiletries. That way, it will be more organized and tidy.

18. Stove - Kitchen

home appliances stove kitchen

The stove is the most important cooking utensil that should be available in every home. With this, we can enjoy delicious and delicious homemade dishes.

19. Rice Cooker - Kitchen

Imagine, what happens if the house is without a rice cooker? Cooking rice would be more troublesome and cumbersome to process. With this tool, cook rice faster and more delicious.

20. Refrigerator - Kitchen

Without a refrigerator, groceries and supplies will spoil quickly. This can be a significant loss and even a waste of money.


With the fulfillment of the essential furniture above, activities in the household appliances will be maximized without significant obstacles. Comfort and harmony are also maintained.
10 Best Soap Dispenser Recommendations (2021)

10 Best Soap Dispenser Recommendations (2021)

In this pandemic condition, washing hands is very important to do. Washing your hands with soap can reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases. In addition to choosing hand washing soap, also pay attention to the selection of the soap dispenser or liquid soap container. With the right soap dispenser, you can wash your hands comfortably.

This time, we will explain how to choose a soap dispenser and provide recommendations for the best products from various brands. You can choose between the Joseph Joseph, IKEA, Nest studio and others brands. Stay tuned for our discussion to find the soap dispenser you need!

Not just a place to store soap, but can enhance your decor

best soap dispenser recommendations 1

The choice of storage place for liquid soap or soap dispenser is often overlooked, so it looks unattractive. Actually, soap dispensers can make your hand washing area look cooler, cleaner, and more comfortable. Choose a soap dispenser that you like, then make your hand washing area more attractive.

Currently, there is an automatic type of soap dispenser available. You just have to put your hand under the soap outlet, then the soap will come out on its own. You don't need to press any buttons. This type is often used in hospitals to keep it clean. Holding a soap dispenser with dirty hands certainly feels uncomfortable, huh. You could get the dirt on your hands to stick to the soap dispenser. Well, the automatic type can prevent that. In addition, there is also a soap dispenser that can produce foam directly. Are you interested?

How to choose a soap dispenser

When you want to buy a soap dispenser, you can choose based on the points that we will explain below. That way, you will be able to find the most appropriate product to use.

Choose the type based on the user

There are two types of soap dispensers, automatic and manual. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will explain the characteristics of each type of the soap dispenser.

Automatic type: hygienic and easy to use for children

best soap dispenser recommendations 2

Automatic type works by using sensors. So, you don't need to touch it. This type is very hygienic because it can be used without touching it with dirty hands. Its use is very easy, even for children.

However, some automatic soap dispensers have a larger shape than the manual type. You need to consider where to place the soap dispenser. In addition, there is also an automatic soap dispenser that can only be used with certain brands of soap. You need to pay attention to this before choosing an automatic type.

There are two methods of charging, battery or rechargeable. Products that run on battery power are easier to use because they don't require a wire connection.

Manual type: compact model with stylish choice of materials

best soap dispenser recommendations 3

The advantage of using a manual type of soap dispenser is that it is compact and lightweight. Its use does take a little longer than the automatic type because you have to squeeze it to get the soap out. However, maintenance is relatively easy because you can wash all parts of the soap dispenser.

The product designs are quite diverse, especially for those of you who want to create a stylish bathroom. Not only plastic, there is also a manual soap dispenser made of glass and ceramic. Therefore, the manual soap dispenser is perfect for those of you who are concerned with design.

However, you need to pay attention to ease of use for children. Children may find it difficult to squeeze the soap dispenser, especially if it is not above the sink level. Automatic type selection is often considered easier to use, as well as more hygienic. This applies especially to areas of the kitchen where you need to clean soiled hands.

Choose the one that emits soap or foam? Determine according to your needs

best soap dispenser recommendations 4

Another aspect that sets, soap dispensers apart is the result of the soap dispensing. You can choose a soap dispenser that produces foam or liquid. Choose the one that suits your needs. If you have young children at home, you can choose a soap dispenser that releases foam. The foam texture feels fun, making it easier for you to build a habit of washing hands in children. This model is easier to use because it does not need to linger to produce foam.

Meanwhile, the soap liquid takes a while to foam, but the soap concentration is higher. As a result, this soap will be more effective in cleaning dirt. Soap dispenser that releases liquid is recommended for those of you who care about cleanliness. The output does not contain air. In addition, the risk of bacterial growth in them is very low.

The automatic type where the dispensing of soap can be adjusted is certainly easier

best soap dispenser recommendations 5

Choosing an automatic soap dispenser that can be adjusted for dispensing of soap will certainly make it easier for you. If you can control the amount of soap that comes out, you will get as much soap as you need. You just need to adjust it according to how dirty your hands are.

Price soap dispenser automated features are more expensive than the usual automatic type. However, the benefits you get can exceed the price.

If you choose an automatic type that cannot be dispensed with, choose one that dispenses about 1 ml. You may feel inadequate, but you can put your hands back up so that no soap is wasted.

Pay attention to the capacity of the soap dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 6

Of course, the capacity of the soap dispenser cannot be changed. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the capacity of the soap dispenser according to the soap usage. Don't forget to also buy soap refills whose contents match the capacity of the soap dispenser.

Most automatic soap dispensers have a capacity of less than 200 ml. If you have trouble finding 200 ml refillable soap, choose a refill with twice the volume. So, you can use the refill for two charges.

10 best soap dispenser recommendations

Now, we will provide recommendations for the best soap dispenser products that we have selected for you. Find the product that best suits your conditions and needs!

Hawaii | Nala Liquid Soap Container

best soap dispenser recommendations 7

Plastic material, very friendly prices

Bored with the usual soap dispenser? Apparently, there is a soap dispenser with a unique shape, you know! Hawaii Nala Liquid Soap Container has a very unique and attractive shell-like shape with a transparent color.

The transparent colors in this product will help you see what's inside. So, you can immediately tell when it's low. The price is also very friendly on the pocket. Don't miss it, OK!

Snail Shape Soap Holder

best soap dispenser recommendations 8

The shape is adorable, kids will definitely love it!

Come on, immediately teach your little one the habit of washing hands from an early age. Choose an adorable soap dispenser like this product. The snail shape looks cute and can make your little one happy to wash their hands. Just press the snail shell, then the soap will come out of the mouth. There are several choices of shell colors that you can choose according to your preferences, you know!

Tokyo 1 | Crystal Liquid Soap Dispenser Bottle

best soap dispenser recommendations 9

Attractive colors make the bathroom more cheerful

The added color to the soap dispenser can make the atmosphere appear brighter. Tokyo 1 provides soap dispensers in four attractive colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and purple. Even though they are colored, the bottles are still transparent so you can see what's inside.

Tokyo 1 claims its products are made from good quality crystals. The model is also slim enough to be placed over the sink. The best choice to make your home appear more cheerful.

Xiaomi | Mijia Automatic Induction Foaming Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 10

Clean your hands silently

In addition to smartphone products, Xiaomi also has soap dispensers. To create a lather, this product requires one of twelve soaps and water. So, the use of soap is more efficient. The power consumption is also very efficient.

The special thing is, this soap dispenser is almost silent when used. If you have a newborn, this soap dispenser is a great choice. Because it barely makes a sound, your baby's sleep will not be disturbed if you wash your hands.

Inno Sericite | Single Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 11

Modern form, just stick it on the wall

If you don't have a lot of storage space on the surface of the sink, you can choose a soap dispenser that attaches to the wall. Inno produces soap dispensers with a minimalist style that can be affixed to walls. It looks very modern to be affixed in the bathroom of your home. Those of you who have a lodging business can also choose this product.

Onix Homme | Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 12

Charge for three hours, last up to four months!

If you value practicality, Onix has the right soap dispenser for you. This soap dispenser uses a rechargeable lithium battery. You only need to charge the battery for three hours for up to four months of use. To get foam or foam results, you need to mix soap and water three to one.

Nestudio | Brianna Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 13

Luxurious appearance with ceramic material

Do you have an elegant luxury bathroom design? Don't choose a soap dispenser design carelessly. You can choose this ceramic soap dispenser from Nestudio. Wow, of course the ingredients make this soap dispenser look very luxurious.

Plus, the cream color is neutral, so it matches a variety of bathroom themes. The design details make this soap dispenser not monotonous. It's also sleek and fits right over your bathroom sink.

Baseus | Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 14

Adjust the amount of foam yourself. More efficient!

Well, this automatic soap dispenser is perfect for those of you who are avid cooks. Having two settings for the amount of lather you release can help you clean your hands when they are really dirty. If you have children who are very active, this product can also be the right choice.

Foaming is also faster thanks to the 45 ° angle on the lid. In just 0.25 seconds, you'll get lather to make your hands cleaner. The filling is also very easy because the hole is 2 cm in diameter.

IKEA | DRAGAN Soap Dispenser, bamboo

best soap dispenser recommendations 15

The original charming bamboo material makes the interior look warmer

Houseware with wooden materials or motifs will indeed make the house look classic and elegant. If you want to complete your collection of wooden utensils at home, especially in the sink, you can choose this product.

This soap dispenser is made of natural bamboo with beautiful motifs covered with clear acrylic lacquer. Even though it looks cute, this product can hold up to 350 ml of soap. In addition, this product also works well with other IKEA Houseware Dragan series.

Joseph Joseph | C-Pump Single-handed Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser recommendations 16

Manual soap dispenser with easy-to-use design

If you want a manual soap dispenser that remains hygienic to use, you can choose a Joseph Joseph product. The C-shaped pump model makes it easy for you to squeeze it with the back of your hand.

In addition, the non-slip base on the soap dispenser keeps the product in place. This soap dispenser is available in two colors, gray and white green. Choose the one that best fits where it is placed, yes.


Now, have you been able to choose the soap dispenser that you like? All of our recommended soap dispensers are easy to use. The design is also attractive and has its own advantages. You can choose what suits your taste and home conditions.

So, there is no longer any reason to be lazy about washing your hands. By washing your hands diligently, you can protect yourself from various unwanted diseases. Congratulations on choosing your favorite soap dispenser!
10 Best Samsung TV Recommendations (2021)

10 Best Samsung TV Recommendations (2021)

Samsung is one of the best TV manufacturers in the world. Samsung brand TV are known for their high quality and provide comfort to their users. Samsung TV are available in Smart TV, Lifestyle TV, up to QLED 8K. The sizes also vary, there are 32 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, to 85 inches.

In this article, we will introduce how to select and recommend good Samsung TV products. You can choose products according to category, size, and needs. Let's keep an eye on the following articles to find the right Samsung TV product for you.

Advantages of Samsung TV

advantages of samsung tv img

The main advantage of Samsung TV is their optimal picture quality. Samsung provides several modes that can maximize the screen display according to the surrounding environment. These modes are Dynamic Mode, Standard Mode, Natural Mode, and Movie Mode.

Dynamic Mode allows viewers to see the screen clearly even in a bright or richly lit room. With Standard Mode, Samsung TV has a stable brightness suitable for viewing indoors.

Meanwhile, Natural Mode can detect changes in brightness level and then adjust it for the convenience of the user. Finally, as the name implies, Movie Mode is adjusted for a dark room like seeing a screen in a cinema.

To know more about Samsung TV, continue reading this article until the end, yes! We will discuss more about this product.

How to choose a Samsung TV

As previously explained, Samsung TV has a variety of categories. Get to know each category and choose the Samsung TV that best fits your needs.

Get to know the category

As previously explained, Samsung TVs have a variety of categories. Get to know each category and choose the Samsung TV that best fits your needs.

QLED 8K / 4K, for screen display with the best color expression

qled 8k 4k for screen display with the best color expression

Samsung QLED TV is equipped with Quantum Dots technology, which emits light according to the size of the nanoparticles. With this technology, the TV has a high level of brightness and displays the best color expression.

The advantages are even more complete when combined with 100% Color Volume technology. Thanks to this technology, the quality of the colors and textures of every scene on the screen will appear optimally.

The QLED TV built-in sensor can also adjust the brightness and contrast to the room around it. When the light gets brighter or darker, don't worry because the QLED sensor will adjust it automatically. You can also continue watching without being interrupted.

Crystal UHD, producing crystal clear images

crystal uhd producing crystal clear images img

As the name implies, this TV category has a crystal-clear screen display. Crystal Display technology ensures that the colors displayed are more vibrant and vivid. When you look at the screen, your eyes will be indulged by the clarity of the image. This provides a more memorable viewing experience.

The Samsung Crystal UHD TV is also equipped with a 4K Crystal Processor chip. This chip will optimize the color, contrast ratio, and high-dynamic range (HDR) level. When HDR is at its fullest, you can enjoy incredible visual details even in dark places. You can choose the Samsung TV type TU8500 if you want to get the benefits of Crystal UHD.

Smart TV, makes it easy for users with its technological sophistication

smart tv makes it easy for users with its technological sophistication img

Basically, a Smart TV is a television that has an internet connection, a certain operating system, and applications in it. In short, Smart TV = TV + applications + internet. The main advantage of this type of TV is that it can enjoy content beyond ordinary TV channels.

Smart TV provide video-on-demand (VOD) services such as Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. Apart from that, there is also music streaming services like Spotify. You only need to install the application on the TV.

Another advantage of a Smart TV is that it is easy to connect with other devices. This product can be connected to your smartphone without the hassle. That way, you can watch videos or movies on a bigger screen. Samsung Smart TV products that can be selected are the type T6500 or RU7400.

Lifestyle TV, attractive designs to beautify your home

lifestyle tv attractive designs to beautify your home img

Lifestyle TV is designed to match the interior of your home. That way, the TV not only serves as an electronic product, but also an attractive decoration at home. Samsung wants to show a beautiful television when turned on or off. These types of Lifestyle TV include The Frame, The Serif, and The Sero. Please choose the one that suits you the most.

Choose based on resolution

choose based on resolution img

Resolution is a term used to describe how dense the pixels are when they stick together on a television screen. The higher the pixels, the higher the resolution. The higher the resolution, the sharper the resulting image. The most common Samsung TV resolutions on the market today are Full HDTV, 4K, and 8K.

Full HDTV usually has an image resolution of 1,920 pixels x 1,080 pixels. A 4K TV has a resolution of 3,840 pixels x 2,160 pixels, while the 8K has a resolution of 7,680 pixels x 4,320 pixels. 8K TV have a resolution that is 4 times higher than 4K and 16 times higher than Full HD.

If your budget allows, choose a high-resolution TV for a more realistic and clearer picture. The high-resolution screen will also give you a great TV viewing experience.

Know the screen size

Samsung TV is available in various sizes, from 32 inches to 85 inches. When choosing a size, pay attention to the space available in the house as well as the resolution of the TV. Here are various sizes of Samsung TV that you can consider.

32 inches, suitable for tight spaces

32 inches suitable for tight spaces img

If you have limited space, 32 inches is for you. When placed on the table, this TV does not take up much space. This TV can also be moved easily if you want a change of atmosphere at home. One of the 32 inch Samsung TV that you can choose from, being the Samsung 32 "T4500 HD Smart TV.

43–55 inches, medium-sized TV that is great for small families

43 55 inches medium sized tv that is great for small families img

Not too big or small, TV with a size range of 43–55 inches are a crowd favorite. The product dimensions range from 979.9 mm x 571.9 mm x 77.3 mm to 1230.5 mm x 707.2 mm x 59.9 mm. Samsung itself provides several types of TV of this size. There is Smart TV, Crystal UHD QLED 4K, to Lifestyle TV. This television is suitable for watching with your small family.

60–75 inches, large screen with high resolution

60 75 inches large screen with high resolution img

A TV with a bigger screen certainly provides a better viewing experience. If your budget is sufficient, it's a good idea to choose a TV with a size of 60-75 inches. Even so, keep in mind that the bigger the screen, the higher the resolution needed. Therefore, we recommend a TV with a minimum 4K resolution if you want to choose this size.

Above 80 inches, content to watch with the largest screen

above 80 inches content to watch with the largest screen img

Not only up to 75 inches, Samsung has TV products with sizes over 80 inches. This TV with a large screen brings you closer to the content being watched. Because you want to give the best picture, the resolution on this large TV usually reaches 4K and 8K. That way, the resulting image still has sharp and detailed colors.

Unfortunately, TV with 8K resolutions usually comes at a pretty high price. If you want to have a large screen television at a fairly affordable price, go for 4K resolution. We recommend the Samsung 85 "QLED Q60T 4K Smart TV for an equally stunning viewing experience.

Check additional functions

check additional functions img

Apart from the above features, Samsung TV also provides a pleasant experience with various additional features. There are Samsung TV that can connect with other devices such as computers, external storage to Xbox. There is also a Samsung TV that is equipped with the Google Assistant feature. You can also control the television using your voice.

10 Best Samsung TV Recommendations (2021)

Previously we introduced how to choose a Samsung TV. Now we're going to recommend ten of the best Samsung TV products. Please choose the one that suits you the most.

Samsung | 32 "T4500 HD Smart TV

10 best samsung tv recommendations img

A tiny smart TV at an affordable price

If you want to have a Smart TV with a size that is not too big, this product can be an option. Measuring 32 inches, the Samsung T4500 TV doesn't take up much space. The price is affordable.

Even so, the picture and sound quality produced by this Smart TV is very clear. You can watch without distraction. Enjoy access to a variety of content and applications that you want to use directly on TV.

Samsung | 43 "T6500 FHD Smart TV

9 best samsung tv recommendations img

There is voice control and One Remote which makes it easy to use

Connected with Wi-Fi, you can easily select the movie or video you want to watch. You will also be more spoiled with One Remote which can control multiple devices at once. These tools help you quickly access the content or channel you want.

Apart from the remote, you can also control the TV by voice. This is thanks to the Bixby feature which will recognize your voice and connect it to the TV. This Smart TV will also respond automatically. Sophisticated, right?

Samsung | RU7400 50 inches 4K UHD Smart TV

8 best samsung tv recommendations img

Sleek design with invisible wires, perfect for a minimalist room

The sleek design makes this product can beautify the interior of your home. It's so slim, when the TV is turned on, the frame of the television seems to blend into the background. You also become more focused on watching the screen.

This TV has a Clean Cable Solution design so that the cable can be hidden in the back. The cables are also neatly stored and not visible from any side. You will not find curled or dangling cable cases on this product.

Samsung | 50 "TU8500 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

7 best samsung tv recommendations img

Image quality is stronger and sharper

This product has a Dynamic Crystal Display technology and a 4K Crystal Processor. Immerse yourself in a wider range of colors. Please note that 4K UHD TV has 4x more pixels than Full HDTV. That way, this TV offers a sharper and more realistic picture quality.

Dual LED technology is also available in this product. This technology is able to adjust the screen color to the light in the room. When watching this TV, you will feel the sensation of being in a real location.

Samsung | 55 "Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU6900

6 best samsung tv recommendations img

Can be used for work and play games

This TV is equipped with a Remote Access feature that allows you to display the computer screen on the television. That way, you can check your work on a bigger TV screen. Even more advanced, you can also access documents from the computer directly to the television.

Not only for work, this product is also great for gaming. The Game Enhacer feature optimizes its performance so that the TV doesn't experience lag. Feel the sensation of playing a smooth game without a hitch.

Samsung | 82 "Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU8000

5 best samsung tv recommendations img

Get the sensation of enjoying music from the big screen

Not only for watching, this TV you can use to listen to music. You only need to connect your smartphone to the television using Bluetooth. This Samsung TU8000 TV will read the mood of the song being played. Furthermore, the screen will display an image and color that matches the song. Sophisticated!

Samsung | 55 "QLED 4K Smart TV The Serif

4 best samsung tv recommendations img

Beautiful design that blends into the interior of the house

This TV is deliberately designed to add beauty to your home. The Serif TV is even suitable for placement in various parts of the house. With the 360 ​​All Round Design, The Serif looks beautiful from the front, sides, to the back. Let this product blend into your home.

Unlike other conventional TVs, The Serif is custom made with detachable support feet. This product was not created to blend with a wall or sit on a table. That way, The Serif can be moved anywhere with ease.

Samsung | 43 "LS05T The Sero 4K Smart TV

3 best samsung tv recommendations img

A TV that functions like a smartphone

Have you ever wished that your smartphone had a screen as wide as a TV? If so, this Samsung TV The Sero can fulfill your wish. This product has the same function as your mobile phone.

The Sero can even download and display applications and social media. Of course you can enjoy this application in full screen view. In addition, just like a smartphone, this TV provides portrait and landscape modes. You can use it according to your needs and interests.

Samsung | The Frame 65 "Art Mode, QLED 4K HDR Smart TV

2 best samsung tv recommendations img

Displays artwork when turned off

Samsung The Frame TV is a modern way to showcase your artwork. When turned on, it will function like a normal TV. However, when it is turned off, artwork will automatically appear. You won't find a blank black screen like other TV.

Another advantage, this TV can recommend works of art that you will probably like. The Frame will also be up to date with the latest and popular art collections. It's like you have an art gallery at home with this TV.

Samsung | 85 "QLED Q60T 4K Smart TV

1 best samsung tv recommendations img

Has a Multi View feature, can watch two content at once

One of the advantages of this 4K QLED TV from Samsung is the Quantum HDR technology. This technology produces images with high quality detail and contrast. Not only that, there is HDR10 + which is able to create deeper colors and more vivid images.

Your viewing experience will be even more spoiled with the Multi View feature. With this feature, you can watch two content at once on one screen. Make mirroring screen smartphone to the TV and you can access the two devices at the same time.


In this article, we have explained how to choose a good Samsung TV. Apart from that, we have also recommended some Samsung TV products that you can choose from. Did you find a Samsung TV of your choice?

As is well known, Samsung has a variety of television products. Consider the category, size and resolution when choosing the best Samsung TV. We hope that you will find the product that best suits your needs!
12 Best Coffee Machine Brands Favorite Many People

12 Best Coffee Machine Brands Favorite Many People

Choosing the best coffee machine brand is sometimes not easy. Various types, functions, and prices are always the benchmark for many people when buying the best version of the coffee maker.

best coffee maker

Pay attention to this when buying the best coffee machine brands

The best coffee machine brands are always sought after by many people, especially for those who are fond of or want to open a coffee milk business.

However, to get the best brand, especially in terms of function and price, it takes special skills so you don't get disappointed in the future.

Then, what are the tips for choosing the best coffee machine brand? Summarized by Todayselection.com from many sources, here is the complete explanation.

  • Adjust type

When buying an item, surely the first thing to do is look at the type or type, right? Well, the same goes for buying a coffee machine.

By implementing this, at least you can first consider which type suits your needs.

Generally, there are four types that are most often chosen by consumers, namely the drip type, coffee pod type, espresso machine type, and siphon type.

  • Check tank capacity and estimate daily consumption

In addition to adjusting to the type, before buying a coffee machine, you should first check the capacity of the tank. So that it can be placed right in one corner in the kitchen.

In addition, you also have to estimate daily consumption by calculating the number of family members or customers who usually come to your cafe.

  • Check the completeness of its features

Finally, when you are going to buy the best coffee machine brand, you also have to double check all the features that are embedded in the tool.

Not only that, you also have to check the inside of the coffee maker, is it easy to clean it or not.

Because coffee machines that are easy to clean will usually be easy to operate.

12 Best Coffee Machine Brands

If you have applied these three things, now is the time for you to look for the best coffee machine brand for your version based on the recommendation from Today Selection. Get ready to be "poisoned" yes!

1. DeLonghi - Combi BCO 264.1

delonghi combi bco 264 1

The quality of this best coffee machine brand doesn't need to be doubted.

Having been in the business since 1902, DeLonghi, which is a manufacturing company based in Italy, has launched various types of coffee machines worldwide, one of which is the Combi BCO 264.1.

The series is equipped with two combined machines, namely an espresso pump and a drip coffee maker.

It doesn't stop there, even DeLonghi also makes this product even more superior, because it can be programmed automatically to keep running, especially in the morning.

Just set the time, you can immediately get a cup of hot coffee to accompany your activities.

Price Range: -

2. Hario - V60

hario v60

The following best coffee machine brands are often hailed as DeLonghi's "strongest opponent".

This special coffee maker machine is indeed very suitable for those of you who are lazy to brew manually, because the grind level can be adjusted by yourself even up to level 50.

In order to maintain consistency and minimize heat transfer into the coffee, this electric coffee grinder is also specially designed to use a conical burr material from stainless steel.

The ON, OFF, and AUTO operation buttons will make it easier for you as a user to use this grinder even though the price is quite expensive.

Price Range: -

3. Krups - XP 5620

krups xp 5620

The next best coffee machine brand is of course Krups.

This specialized kitchen appliance manufacturer based in Germany comes with a wide selection of quality coffee machines, one of which is the XP 5620 series.

This series is designed stylishly suitable for business people who want to be in the coffee milk business.

Available in two colors, silver and gray. This series is also equipped with an auto tamping system to produce coffee blends that tend to be consistent.

Price Range: -

4. Stigmatic Coffee Maker - 100 SS

stigmatic coffee maker 100 ss

No less superior to Krups, the fourth best coffee machine brand is the Sigmatic 100 SS series.

This series can be used to make all kinds of coffee, from espresso to latte.

Equipped with a 15 bar pressure pump, the Sigmatic 100 SS series is capable of producing ten cups of coffee in 10 minutes with the aroma, taste and quality that has not changed at all.

Not only that, this well-known brand has also equipped its products with overheating protection, making it much safer.
The detachable water tank, of course, allows users to clean this tool easily.

Price Range: -

5. Jen Espresso Coffee Maker

jen espresso coffee maker

Espresso coffee lovers must be familiar with the brand of the best coffee machine on this one. Especially if it's not the Jen Espresso Coffee Maker.

With a 1.7 liter tank capacity, this tool can serve 10 cups of coffee in one batch.

Using a 3 in 1 semi-automatic model (espresso, cappuccino, latte).

Jen Espressco Coffee Maker is also equipped with an LCD display, an automatic timer, as well as a heating system technology that uses a 15 bar pressure Italian pump.

Price Range: -

6. Nescafe - Dolce Gusto Genio 2 (Red)

nescafe dolce gusto genio 2 red

Apart from producing coffee drinks, this brand has also released some of the best coffee maker products, one of which is Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Red Edition.

This series has a very classic design, but still looks elegant. Its slim body can be placed in any corner of your home kitchen.

With an energy absorption capacity of only 1500W, this coffee machine is equipped with an Eco mode system which is certainly energy efficient.

The thermo block system, which is also embedded in the Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Red Edition, makes it able to serve coffee drinks cold or hot in just 30 seconds.

Price Range: -

7. Bialleti Dama Espresso Maker 6 Cups

bialleti dama espresso maker 6 cups

Switching from pricey products, the next best coffee machine brand with a price of under 1 million is Bialleti Dama.

This famous Italian brand has a very aesthetic shape, and is different from the coffee machine brands that have been previously discussed.

Don't ask about the taste, it produces!

Due to the quality of this superior product from Bialleti Dama, it is able to serve a cup of coffee with an aroma and texture that is of course intriguing.

Made from aluminum pots, this espresso maker that can be used to produce 6 cups of espresso coffee in one go, has 8 sides with the maximum spread of heat.

So, coffee can be brewed quickly, in just a matter of minutes.

Price Range: -

8. Electrolux - ECM 3505

electrolux ecm 3505

Apart from selling home and kitchen care products such as ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines. This brand also has at least two coffee makers products, one of which is the ECM 3505.

This series has been the most reviewed by various well-known blogs and marketplaces in United States.

Not only is the price cheaper, the Electrolux ECM 3505 also excels in terms of appearance and features.

Its sleek and elegant design is perfect for beautifying a modern-style kitchen.

With a fairly large capacity of 1.5 liters, beginner coffee connoisseurs can serve up to more than 6 cups of this authentic flavored coffee in one go.

Price Range: -

9.Edoolffe - MD 235

edoolffe md 235

By using this coffee machine, you can serve two espresso shots simultaneously.

The body is also very compact so it is easy to place it in various corners of your kitchen.

Made from ABS plastic, Edoolffe, which comes with a striking red appearance, is still very safe to wear, because the material is resilient and heat resistant.

Price Range: -

10.Cosmos Coffee Maker - CCM 308

cosmos coffee maker ccm 308

The next best coffee machine brand is Cosmos Coffee Maker - CCM 308.

Even though the capacity is only 0.65 liters, who would have thought that this product could produce 6 cups of coffee in one go.

Equipped with an automatic heater, the coffee that is made will be kept warm.

Using a machine made from food grade materials, this tool is sure to be safe to use.

Price Range: -

11. Black & Decker - DCM 600 B1

black decker dcm 600 b1

Black & Decker is one of the best coffee machine brands whose prices are still very pocket friendly.

Having a large enough capacity, you can serve eight cups of coffee at once in just one time.

This product is also easy to clean, and is equipped with a water level indicator and a permanent filter filter.

Price Range: -

12. La Marzocco

la marzocco

The last of the best coffee machine brands with affordable prices and quality is La Marzocco. This coffee maker is often used by various coffee shop businesses.

Apart from being economical, this tool also has a super simple design and is easy to clean.

Not only available in large sizes, La Marzocco also complements its product with a mini version that can be used for home use only.

Both are also equipped with excellent features.

Starting from the temper of the coffee compactor, the pitcher for the steam milk measure, to the very large place to put coffee cups.

Price Range: -

Come on, start a coffee business

So a reliable coffee maker is certainly a matter of pride for those who enjoy this drink. How about you?

If you also like coffee and always subscribe to using one of the best coffee machine brands above, maybe it's time to start a coffee milk business.